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Growing in a jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ddayyuumm, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Is it possible for me to grow one plant in a jar? I've read that you should surround the roots with aluminum tape and you would need a light source so what if I put the jar in my closet and put a light over it? I just don't want my mom to smell it. It would be for personal use only in case you were wondering. Would the plant grow properly? Thanks
  2. gotta be a big mason jar to get anything I'd want to harvest
  3. Only if you remember to walk it every few hours.
  4. no

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  5. yes you can grow bud in any type of container just make sure its light proof!
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    Not advisable. You need to have a hole or holes for the water to drain. Otherwise your roots will suffocate. No air flow, no way for water to drain. The plant will never make it past a seedling.
    Get a garden pot, surely your mom has one somewhere around the house.
  7. What NGP said. No drainage will cause your soil to become saturated and can lead to several issues. Now if you can find a glass drill bit and throw in some drainage holes on an extra large jar and cover the outside of the jar with something to keep light away from the roots and then you will have something you can use. For the price of making that you could have had 2-3 gallon pots from any home improvement store. Just buy a cheap planting pot and you won't regret it; for just a couple dollars you can get a self watering pot and save yourself even more trouble.
  8. You are either trolling,and fixing a place in the NGCMBL thread,or you are underaged.
    I refuse to believe anyone would ask this seriously.

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