Growing iin hot conditions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by m1ndless, May 9, 2006.

  1. I am pretty much brand new to growing, ive only had a few plants, and all of which were indoor. I just got a new house, and on the side of my house is a bunch of bushes and shrubs. It gets a few hours of light back there a day, and is shaded the other part. The soil seems moist most of the time.Its a really secure spot, its on the side of my house, and its kinda hard to get all the way back there. And when i do plant, you wouldnt notice it unless you walked right up to it.

    Here is my problem though, i live in a very hot place, it gets to about 100 degrees here in the middle of the day in the summer, would a plant survive?

    And should i dig up some of the dirt and put some new soil in the ground, or use the natural dirt that is there? Or should i go the potted plant way?

    I just really wanna know if its worth it to attempt to grow back there.
  2. depending on the strain it should be fine. 100 inside would be a lot worse than 100 outside... outside it has all the fresh air it needs and plenty of wind to cool it down a bit. I'd keep them in pots until they are atleast 5 or 6 inches big, and then you can dig a hole and fill it with organic potting soil and transplant into the ground there.
  3. I live in a climate with hot, dry summers. I have had no problems with MJ in the heat, except one. I grow in buckets, I cover them with aluminium foil to keep the roots a bit cooler, once had a lady die due to overheated roots.
    After all, MJ is a tropical plant.
  4. yeah, I know. I live in a really hot place too, but it's humid here... not dry. I was just saying that 100 outside in natural environment with wind and 100 inside in a small room or closet is a lot different. someone should worry about that temp inside, but outside it shouldn't be a problem. :]
  5. Agreed, but this is General OUTDOOR Growing. I was assuming outdoor.
  6. I knowwwww. I was just comparing for him, because he was probably worried about it from all the talk he's heard of MJ Needing a temperature of 75 - 85... just trying to show him where it would be a problem and what the difference is...
  7. thats unfortuinite, my area naturally is 75 degrees F at night, 85 during the day, and 80 in the shade, so its like perfect.

    - Vince
  8. Should grow well there
  9. oh, it does my friend, it does.

    - Vince

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