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  1. I hope everyone doesnt start to grow their own weed if/when prop 19 passes. I think everyone should buy from their local store so that way the state sees taxes. If everyone grows their own the state won't see much revenue coming in and other states wont be as quick to hop on the bandwagon of making it legal.

    just a thought. im baked so if this sounds dumb im sorry.
  2. The state takes enough of my paycheck as it is and we also have a 9.75% sales tax. I already pay the bastards too much. Seeds will be sprouting.
  3. As true as this is, OP has a huge point. Other states are going to be looking at revenue, and if marijuana isn't making Cali any money, states aren't gonna follow suit.

    So, while that seed is growing, why not buy a shitload of mary jane. ;)

  4. trust me man,theirs alot of lazy people in the can grow your own food but people still go to the grocery store :bongin:
  5. I think they are going to see how it will allow them to better allocate funding for other/more important programs. They will not want to start putting more money back into prohibition..
  6. Well most people who have mmj now either buy exclusively or buy and grow on the side and thats how i see it happening if/when 19 passes. Not everyone has the resources to grow and it's not like you will want to smoke one harvest when you could go out and buy a bunch of different strains, ya dig? But i will grow and trade with friends, and still buy when im dry or out and about.
  7. I will be growing outdoor as I want to do it for the experience. Indoor growing is not worth the cost in my opinion especially when the price drops. Electricity will still cost the same. I will be buying and growing. Some people still wont be able to grow, Landlords/parents have to ok
  8. Fuck that. I've already got a small warehouse ready to go. Is it November yet? ;)
  9. Definitely know that people WILL start growing, but everyone here knows it's tougher than it looks. So you'll still have your kind meds :)
  10. people are lazy as fuck, especially stoners. I will be growing myself but I think the percentage of people who actually grow will be around 10-20% That's just my wild guess.
  11. Ask the people at the grow shop if growing doesn't produce taxes. I know they get about 500 a month from me, and i just have a small/medium setup. Thats about 40 bucks in taxes... and the shop owner has to forward some of his profit too. That industry alone is going to crush the field of retail sales growth over the next few years. If you like retail work... open a hydro store anywhere there isnt one within 10 miles, and you should be rich.

    Potential taxes gained are not just in the sales of weed.

    People will flock to california for the weekend getaways just to smoke in a smoke shop legally. Like a newer twist on the travel market if its played right.

    Pipes, grinders, papers, and other accessories get taxed, and the sales will go up.

    The health department will begin to take edibles seriously, and manufactured consumables is going to be another huge industry.

    Manufacturing of equipment will get better. As more people begin grow, new ideas will make there way into stores near you, and people will be hired to make and sell the new stuff.

    Thats just a few giant growth opportunities i can see through the smoke cloud :smoke:
  12. If someone else had to clean the mess up,most people would crap in the bed instead of getting up to go to the bathroom.
    I hate that we are trying to sell the thought that marijuana is any kind of savior for our economy because the cities in CA are going to start out way high on the taxes and licensing fees for marijuana. They will probably be so high that it will not stop the cartels from smuggling brick into the CA market. And that is the saddest loss of an opportunity to deal them a serious blow in their back pockets.
    Speaking of new and better equipment Anthony,I look so forward to watching a John Deere bud harvester with a truck rolling along on each side,one for seeds and one for foliage,while the stripped stalks are being laid in a windrow behind it for hemp fiber
  13. how easy is growing out door really is ?
    is it plant it and water it easy or you need more work than that ? (if thats legealized )
  14. There are articles posted at this site,most seed company sites and after legalization there will probably be series of how to grow on the educational station and those grow books advertised at the top of the site are even good to use for a reference.

    It is simple and with just a little preparation before planting you can put organic fertilizers in your grow so that all you have to add is water through out the growth cycle with a worm casting tea or blood meal tea once a month for that little boost.
    Most people do too much to their plants instead of too little. It is better to let the plant tell you when it needs water than to just put it on a sprinkler and water it on a schedule.

    A simple grow,,,,,dig a hole where you want the plant one foot in diameter,one foot deep
    and put the dirt in a container. Mix in 2 cups of bone meal,2 cups of blood meal and 3
    cups of worm castings,add appx 4 cups of perlite and mix well,replace in hole,keeping excess,water and let settle in,then finish filling hole. Start your seed in the house about
    the first week of March and grow until the first of April,then move outside. If you have access to some clones from the strains you want to grow it is the best way,because then you know it is a female.

    If you grow from natural seeds,you have a 50/50 chance of getting a male. Feminized seeds are available but there are rumors that they tend to have more plants try to change to male when flowering.

    If you have seeds of the strains that you want to grow,you might even want to keep one male segregated until you want to pollinate one of your females so you can produce your own seeds ,therefore never needing to buy seeds again. One plant seeded out will provide you with enough seeds to grow several years of growing,just freeze them and they are good until you use them. The same with pollen from a male,freeze it and you can use it next year without having another male in your next garden.

    One of the problems with outdoor growing when it is legal is that it could mess up your seed or seedless production of marijuana,even if you pull all your males,a neighbor a block away may not so some of your seeds may be crossed with his males or your females you were trying to grow sensimilla from seeds out. Not to mention what all those acres of hemp the farmers will be growing all around the country will do to seedless production.
  15. i really really doubt that the state will see little revenue from it. Once prop 19 passes, California will be the new amsterdam, and people from not only the united states, but all over the world, will come to cali just for the ganja, just like amsterdam.
  16. Even without the sales tax, there's going to be a lot of side business going on that the state is going to tax the snot out of.

    If you grow indoors, then the hardware, lights, nutrients, and seeds are all going to have sales taxes levied. You're paying your local utility company for the water and power you're using.

    If you're growing outdoors you'll still have seeds and maybe nutrients to pay sales tax on, and even if you do everything free then you're still improving the states soil and air quality.

    And that's before we even start talking about the construction boom as people want fancy growing spaces that they dont have to set up themselves.

    Im all for supporting local businesses, but even if few people buy from the local smoke stop, the state is still getting something out of it.

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