Growing Habits in Confined Space? (Soda Bottle)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DCrist721, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I was thinking about keeping a mother inside over the winter (talk about planing ahead) but I have very little space for her, so I was wondering, if I kept it in one of those 3 liter soda bottles, would it just stay small in the confined space like a fish in a smaller tank? Or would it outgrow itself and strangle itslelf? Thanks
  2. How old and big is it? You should have atleast 1 u.s gallon/foot (height).
  3. Ok, so even if I have it in a gallon jug, or if I could fit a 5 gallon bucket, would it stay small in the confined space or out grow itself? Thanks for the light help btw.
  4. how do u expect a plant to grow in a soda bottle.. u must be stoned

  5. i think he dont want it to grow ...... witch is very FUCKING stupid

    take it inside buy a HPS bulb and grow dat bitch .... if you put it in a soda bottle..ILL KILL YOU !! j/k

    but really you might accidently die of stranglation
  6. Just get a 5gal bucket and tie it down so it grows fat like a bush instead of tall. It will get root bound if you have it in a soda bottle.

  7. B/c I was just looking to keep a crop alive over the winter for outdoor growing so I didnt have to buy more seeds next spring and I know I have a strong mother to start with.

    But I think I'll try and squeze in the 5 gallon bucket and tie it down, I'm extremely limited on room.

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