Growing Ganja in 16 oz red cups

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hemphero, May 21, 2010.

  1. Can I start a seed in a 16 0z party cup and grow it long enough to see the sex or will it need to be transplanted thanks!!!???
  2. You can use that cup the whole way if you want to :D

    If you flower in that cup you can expect 1/2oz per cup at most. Probably closer to 1/4oz though.:bongin:
  3. just remember that after a while most of the nuets are gunna be soaked up, so u might want to mix in fresh soil every now and again if u can
  4. You can add liquid fertilizers to your grow soil, it just has to be diluted first of course.
  5. So im not trying to flower em just seeing if their male or female and then giving em away to friends....
    Growing under a t5 light 8 bulb 420 watts how long until i see sex 4- 8 weeks?
  6. Yeah about that, if you're planning on vegging until the pre-flowers start appearing. If you did 12/12 from seed, maybe quicker.
  7. I use party cups for seedlings/clones every cycle and drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage and they work perfectly, but they do out grow the cups after a couple weeks and I think there's faster veg growth when they get transplanted into bigger pots. Leaving em in those cups until sexing would def probably stunt em a little. If you're going for good yields I'd say transplant em way sooner.
  8. You can definitely leave them till flower and then tell your friend to put it back into a veg light cycle after transplanting but mind you it will take 4-6 weeks to revert back to vegetative state.
  9. Here are your options:
    Give them fem'd seeds (lol)
    Do 12/12 from seed
    Do 12/12 from seed and tell them to reveg
    Veg them 6ish weeks until you know their gender (you would need to transplant)

    Alternatively, you could start your own mother. Then you can take clones! It would be the most effective if you had the resources, in my opinion.
  10. Yeah this can be done, I was just checking out a post about a harvest of 10grams from a 16oz partycup, he used 4 26w cfl's and started the seed on 12/12! the cola looked nice and he must of tooken good care of it cuz most bud grown this way is not much over 4-7g so to get 10grams of nice fluff from* mid seeds and have sum stem n leafs left over for a good hashish blunt! goodluck man n always keep it chillllll
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