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  1. So I planted my seed after the root has grown to 2mm and then I checked on the dirt and noticed the root has grow considerably but I think I may have added a bit to much water because instead of spritzing it like I was doing I poured some water untell a very little amount came out of the bottom of my homemade pot made from a large Pepsi bottle, so I'm wondering if it may have water to much but now the soil is moist and not dry and is under a humidity dome and am wondering on what people think may of happened it has been 2 1/2 - 3 days should it have sprouted by now or what I just did this yesturday soo I'm kinda concerned and I néed some feedback.
  2. Talk about a long sentence.

    It'll be okay, I don't think you can really over water a seed that hasn't sprouted yet. Just mist the top layer and make sure it stays moist. Try not to mess with it too much, how did you check on the dirt and see the root? Just let it be, man, nature will do the rest for you.
    Best of luck.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  3. I u

    I used a small pin and moved some dirt because I buried the seed to deep so I moved it up towards the surface just a bit and now it should be in a better position to grow and I saw the seed and with out me touching or disturbing the rood I genially I put about 1/4 soil over top of it so that it can remain in the dark tell it full sprouts and I know not to disturb it but I know I buried it too deep so I had to reajust the seed
  4. i just put 3 blackberry kush seeds in the dirt recently it took 3 days to get a sprout and one took 5 days. the royal seeds quick one only took a few houras though i was like damn, what seeds ya growing?
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  5. I'm growing bubble kush and it's seeds from the fiancee's father so it works out so it could be a male or female but I also got 2 more seeds that one is cracked and the other is slightly cracked but I'm gonna put them in soil soon and have them grow under 3 different kinds of lights and see if there are some changes in growth I'm gonna be using a led 9w - 40w cfl 13w and a incandescent 40w the only thing is the incandescent gives off more heat but they use more energy so it's hard to want to use it and not to use it because of the cost of the energy but the light bulbs are only temp because they'll be grown outside after may 24th
  6. so your just gonna veg em then chuck em outside?i considered that but i said screw it and bout a hps/mh light for like a 120 bucks i grew outside for 8 years and its a pain in the balls with the bugs,hailstorms,animals,people, etc always out to kill my plants. so i hope this indoor shit works better i spent like 500 bucks to do this lol
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  7. Yeah because if you get them half way through veg and slowly make your way to turning them from a light bulb to regular sun light they'll adjust to there weather and surroundings and the thing is yes the bugs and Alot of other problems come along but on the other hand you don't have to stunt your plant because of space or anything plus if you have them in a 4gallon pale and have it dug into the ground and have a tire around it it'll get so massive it will produce over the set amounts of what it's actually suppose to grow, I've learned this from a few family mom's and friends that have done this and still continue to do this
  8. Mem's not mom's
  9. good luck man when ya harvest dont forget to post pics of that bubble kush it looks awesome ive never got to try it before.
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  10. Will do man be happy to post it up for you and many others that wanna see some massive harvests, but also another thing is the more energy you use the more money your throwing away so if you look at it from a point of very that sun is free and distilled water for 4 l is 1.39 so really if I pay 150$ dallors for the extra hydro I don't mind because the yeild is gonna be so massive hopfully around 500-650 g a plant I only got 3 seeds so I'm hoping for one of them to be a female! :)
  11. It pays off 10 fold! outdoor is great for what it is, but being able to control the environment, and protect it, is priceless. you'll be so happy you did!
  12. What will you be feeding with? What's the tire for? Trying to picture it in my head.
  13. Using a tire increases the heat from the sun and cause it to be humid and to the point where the plant flourishes in all aspects of what you want for veg and flowering
  14. Also I'm just feeding strait distilled water I'm not worrying about Ph or anything like that because no natural plant is give hormone and Ph balance things it's just strait water and soil
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    And in nature does it get distilled? Lol.
    The ph of rainwater is usually acidic, and this is where plants naturally get their water from...

    If you're just going to use distilled (0 ppm, literally NOTHING in it) your plants will not be optimal (depending on your soil), especially if you're talking about pulling 5 Elbos a plant.. You should definitely supplement with something else as well.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  16. If your concerned about moisture, I'd get the humidity dome off. Are you in an arid environment? Really no need for a dome with seedlings. some seeds can take a week to get above ground. Most of mine are heads up after 24 hour soak and into cups for day or two, but certainly not all. I wouldn't get to discouraged yet. usually if they're gonna damp off they do it right away. If you had some root growth already then I would bet you'll be fine.
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  17. I'm in a cold environment and the problem is keeping the lights on all night because of the parents and stuff if there weren't parents at my fiancee's house I'd turn up heat and leave the light on for 18/6 and it'd be good to go but the problem is I'm at the fiancee's mother place but if I was at my house I'd be set and doing great that's why I'm gonna try and sneak a seed over to my place and get the right lights and environment for the seeds to thrive but at this rate there only getting from 10am - 1am so 14 hours of light a day and it's not really that warm in her house so I have to have the dome on it because it creates the Humpty that I need and the moisture that is needed to keep it thriving, but I wish I can keep it on at nights so that I can just sleep wake up and bammmmm a got a sprout started but I can't do that in like a 6 degree Celsius house when I need the lamp on to keep it above that and keep it thriving and using distilled water takes away Alot of the waiting but I can't use rain water because it is only gonna rain very little from now on so I might get 1m rain for 1 day and then it be like 0 for 6 when it's between 6-16 degrees Celsius out side so it's very hard but I know qith these temp's my seed is getting usta the feeling of colder weather and warmer weather so kinda helps because when I put it outside and at night it'll cool off and during the day it'll warm back up getting usta the weather and surroundings for its eviroment
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    image.jpeg Get yourself one of this clip style lamps and get a cooler or box of some style and make yourself a container box. It would also take care of your light issue and RH problem, at least until you get them outside.. Having the light at 14 hours is dangerously close to the threshold. At around 13 hours they'll start flowering. You don't wanna have to reveg, it's a pain in the ass. Better yet, get a 20-30 gallon tote and use it as a box. Hell there's folks that do micro grows from start to finish in totes. Give it a try
  19. gonna agree with trich holmes i think the cheap growbox/trashcan thing is a great idea for your situation ive seen threads where people have less than 100 bucks in em and get pretty good harvests
  20. Question guys what do you guys think about king kush seeds auto? But yeah those lights are mint to use I'm just running low on cash atm because of just starting a new job Monday so that I can get the cash rolling in

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