Growing for the first time need help/advice!

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  1. Okay, short introduction: I'm new to these forums, and well, growing! I plan on being active on the forums and learning a lot in the next couple weeks, months, or even years!

    Anyways, I am going to grow my first plant in a couple weeks and i have a few questions

    oKAY WELL i am wanting to first make sure i can grow in this season/climate..
    It gets to 70-80 degrees during daytime FOR NOW.. But within a few weeks, or a month it will start to be 60, or even 50's...I'm just wanting to make sure this isn't to cold for the plant. The website doesn't say a harvest season, or any of that..

    Lowryder 2 Feminized Marijuana Seeds - Lowryder seeds

    Well i am going to grow lowryder 2 because from what i hear, it is a easy plant to grow, it isnt tall, and it is quick!
    On this grow i am definately not looking to get 100grams from it or anything, i just want to start off! If i got 5-10 grams i would be happy haha.

    I plan on growing it out doors, in a pot. What kind of soil, etc should i get?
    Note: I don't have a car and the most places i could go would probably be walmart, lowes, places like this.

    Anytips for growing lowryder 2 is appreciated! Thanks:wave:
  2. Oh and i have seen peoples grow logs, tutorials etc..i am just asking advice for THIS plant.

  3. Hmm well its auto flowering so it doesnt matter on light schedules. Defo a plant youd wanna start out with :)

    Hmm Im not sure about your temps? If its dropping down to 50's n 60's in the next few weeks it may be too cold for your plant before harvest? Does it get frosty where you live?

    As for soil steer clear from anything with slow release nutrients or water saver capsules... Buy some standard potting mix, add 1/4 cow manure, 1/4 perlite if you can get your hands on it to help aerate your soil (can be subsituted for gravel or sand) and throw in any compost you may have, leaf matter and maybe some seaweed or even chopped up fish...

    Should provide a freaking healthy source for your trees.

    Im only using potting mix/natural soil/cow manure and 'Yates' nutrients with every 2nd watering (for both veg and flowering) and my babys are hammering along :)

  4. Hey Bro! Thanks for the reply:D
    Can all of that soil, nutrients, etc be bought at like a local lowes, or walmart?

    And for the temps...Well, i live in the US, east coast. It most likely won't get frost on the ground or anything YET. Usually gets frosty around mid December (i Think haha).

    Just checked the weather for where i live and this whole month Highs are upper 70's, and low 60's but getting closer to december, around 20th-31st it starts gettng low 50's.

    Hmm...I'm wanting to really grow it but i am just debating on if it's to cold..and if i would have to wait until summer again :mad:
  5. No probs mate.

    Hm, well im australian so im not sure about lowes or walmart.

    I guess they are like big supermarkets so yeah you should be able to buy potting mix fine, same with nutrients (stuff thats made for tomatoes will work fine for weed for your first grow).

    Cow manure will be a bit harder.. But you could substitute it for Blood and bone which you can get at most supermarkets.. (think its called bloodmeal over in usa?)

    Start a compost bin at your spot if you dont have one already, collect some leaf matter from around ur spot and throw that in too ;)

    Ima be honest, as long as your plant has soil, sunlight, water and some basic nutrients it will fucking thrive. Its called weed for a reason ;)

    Hm im not sure about whether you should grow this season, it may be a little too late.. But im not sure, you have to decide cause you know best, living there and all :D

    If you think you can get around 3 months without it getting too cold and getting frosty id go for it, otherwise your plant will grow but ur harvest will be moldy and fucked.

    If you cant, well preparation preparation preparation!

    Start your compost bin, clear you grow site, set up your fences, get your seeds ready and ordered, write up your shopping list, find out where you can buy those nutrients, get yourself things like Ph meter and magnifying glass to make life easier and most importantly keep commin on here! Knowledge is power :) Keep reading and in a few months time when it warms up then you'll be ready for a fully fledged outdoor grow reaping you Pounds of sensimilla :)

  6. Hey,

    Lowes and walmart are like supermarkets like you said.

    I guess I am just going to wait till it gets warm again, spring or summer I'm guessing?
    I will definitely stay on this website for help, and support! You've helped tremendously!!

    I'm just going to order those seeds, and go buy the stuff needed.

    One question though, how do you know how much neitrients to put in the soil?

    Thanks again, very helpful! :)
  7. Youll find all that information in the grow guides on this website. It depends on the amount of soil and type of nutrients ur adding.

    Yeah thats probally the best move, youl be much better prepared by then and ready to tackle the challenges of growing outdoors.

    Plant just after last frosts at the start of spring.
  8. You will not have probs with the temps if you ask me. Mine are still going strong and producing buds for me and my overnight temps are getting into the mid 40's and days are Near 70. There is no sign of temp probs at all. Of course mine are not a ruderallis cross so I am not 100% on them but I would think the tolerances would be the same. They do stay small enough that if you were worried bringing them in at night wouldn't be a hastle.
  9. Yeah, i REALLYYYY want to start ONE plant haha but the temps are exactly like you said, maybe not mid 40's yet but it gets down to like 50 or 55 at night. I'm afraid they will mold, or not grow or something..then a waste of a seed..

    What does everyone think?:confused:
  10. Well blakeshouse would probably know more then me about this.. If his from a similar area..
    Id grow if i could, nothing teaches you better then actually doing it..

    Well if your going to grow this season, hurry up and germinate some seed :D And start reading and re-reading those grow guides =]

  11. Hehehe, guess what...I'm so excited to try to plant a seed i haven't even ordered them yet!


    54 degreese right now too, btw.
  12. Yea you arent going to be able to plant them til next year.

    Autos suck btw :hello:
  13. Yeah im planning on just doing it next year.

    And why do autos suck besides the reason they don't produce much yield? (Not dissagreeing with you, just i would like to know since i'm new to all of this!) Thanks:confused_2:
  14. Auto's dont grow as large in size and you do not have as much control over the size of the plant, as it doesn't react to changing light schedules.

    Do they suck? No.

    Auto's are perfect for beginner growers, people with small space and those who want more then one harvest a year outdoors :p

  15. Good haha, i think i believe you more than him. I don't see why they would be bad anyways just from being smaller haha and the not changing to light thing

    anyways, im off to bed, c ya tomorrow!

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