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  1. hey folks i was wondering if im gonna grow outside if i need to do anything special. i was thinking of digging a whole in the woods and filling it with soil from the market and then just clearing out some bushes. i am planning on planting the seeds late may, early june. im also planning on getting an indica plant like pineapple express. anything i need to extra to ensure optimal growing?
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  3. the what
  4. Find a sunny spot. The sun is the most important factor to get big, healthy plants. Prefer 2 plants in a sunny spot (10 hours of sun) to 5 or more plants with less sun. They are sun loving plants so can only get big with lots of sun (6 minimum- 1O is much better).
    Use an airy soil mix (with perlite).
    Have a water source nearby
    You can place all nutrients in the soil and not feed until harvest. You can read the links under my signature for more details on airy soil mixes.
    Use feminized seeds.
    Don't start too early or late (1-15 May is good).
  5. i'd probably water 2 times a day when it starts to get big because there are no water sources near by
  6. find a spot which has water nearby or haul water in.
    With mulch and water crystals you can water a 10 hour of sun per day spot every week only.
  7. im gonna have a pale of water and when its a seedling im gonna spray it with a little spray bottle so its not over watered
  8. is that gonna work?
  9. For a whole Summer, you need water nearby. Imo, I don't ever grow if there isn't water in the vicinity. You can spray it or water it as a seedling, same thing. After when it's bigger, Id suggest water crystals/mulch to avoid watering too often (risky).
  10. Hey Corto nice to see your refreshing words of advice here to help another beginner out as you helped me....I literally can't wait to start this May but I ordered seeds on Nov. 24th from attitude and they still haven't arrived, no response after sending them two emails...They say they are backed up for the holidays but this is F'in rediculous! people say I will eventually get my seeds though....hopefully before the grow season starts... Literally its been so long thats on my mind now.
  11. corto,

    how much water crystals are you adding per hole?
  12. idk yet

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