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  1. Sorry in advance because I have no pics, I'm sending this using my phone on lunch at work. But my plant has been in flower stage for almost two weeks and its like the damn thing grows about an inch a day! I am using just on cfl over top and two tubes on each side and I keep havin to move the cfl up every day because they keep touching it. This was just supposed to be a small closet grow and now its turned into a monster. Can I trim it? Also its been almost two weeks of 12/12 and still no balls or pistols.. Can it take longer sometimes? I've heard it usually takes no more than two weeks into flowering to sex your plant..
  2. i had to wait 3 half weeks for one of my plant to start to flower

    my dad allway's told me if a plant take long there more of a chance of it bein a female

    cus male's do grow faster an show sex faster
  3. try using LST or scrog
    that'll keep your plant from being massivly tall

  4. yes it takes time.. depending on the strain of course...
    2 weeks is not out of the question and I agree as above, the longer the batter chance of a female..
    Double check you have no light leaks...#1..
    then get some string and tie a loop around the stem under the up most node on the plant, then take the string and gently pull the plant over to the side, each day pull it over a little more, once you use the method a few times you will be comfortable enough to just yank her over but first time do it gently...she will be showing soon...
    Do not trim right now...;)

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