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  1. Okay I am thinking of growing in bubble pots (DWC) but I'm not 100% sure on how it fully works. Well I understand the setup but the water and nutes I'm not sure of.

    Is there a level I must keep the water, how much nutes, how often do I change the water?

    And the biggest one. What nutes should I use? I want to keep it as cheap as possible but still get a healthy plant.

    I only have six seeds left so I don't need loads of stuff but I'm sure I will be growing again in the near future so it won't hurt to have a little left over.

    All help welcome even links to items would be appreciated.

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  2. I change my nutes weekly for the most part, in early veg I may leave it a little longer depending on if the seedling is getting through it or not. I fill my bucket up to the bottom of the net basket that the plant is sitting in and the level drops over the week.
  3. Awesome I thought it may be weekly but I wanted to make sure. What's the best way to know if the plant is eating through the nutes to quick? Obviously I don't want them starving.

    Also what do you use I haven't used them as of yet just using a regular tomato feed as it's all I had lying around for a first little attempt at growing.

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  4. If you have no experience growing the MJ plant in soil, I wouldn't recommend starting out with a hydro setup. It's so important to learn the plant in it's basic form and growth patterns under normal circumstances so you have somewhat of an idea about what is normal. If you have no prior growing experience and start with any form of hydro system, it tends to be super confusing to people. Grow a few in soil and figure out the plant first before moving over to a hydro setup. Of course, this is just an opinion here. TWW
  5. Yea my first grow, still going atm is a soil less mix with coco husk. It's going well so I think I want to have a go at a pure hydro. Just haven't used proper nutes that's the only thing scaring me so to speak. They cost a lot and I'm afraid of wasting them as I'm on a low budget. But I see where your coming from I think I'd be in trouble if I went straight into DWC.

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  6. TDS (Total Disolved solids)/EC (Electroconductivity) tester- basically the same thing but with different units.
    They tell you how much stuff is in your liquid.
    So measure before hand and it'll tell you whats your putting in to the bucket (total of the stuff already dissolved in your water and the nutes youve added)
    then measure it when you change.
    If the numbers go down then theres less stuff in it (more dilute) and the plant is using more nutrients than water.
    If the numbers go up theres more stuff per volume, meaning the plant is taking the water faster than the nutes leaving a super concentrated soup.

    In theory over time this information will mean you have a pretty good idea of what your plants going to want in the coming week so you can adjust the nute levels accordingly. If the concentration dosnt change but the volume goes down then youve given her exactly what she wants.
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    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016 has all the info you need... nutrient schedules, setup, and basically everything you need just short of them actually coming to your house and setting it up for you. Learn the basics and then set up your own system according to your's not rocket science you can def do it but it is a lot of work and trial and error to really dial it in. They call it "bubbleponics" BTW. Check it out it'll help you...helps me every day!

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