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  1. So I had a nice grow journal going and my account was deleted. Not sure why.

    I've been in the dark for a month and ocean sure use some help

    Im a few weeks into flower and not sure the best way to harvest and some plants wil be ready before others. (Closer to light)

    I've heard to stop feeding it nutes and cut the light a week and then clip but I'd like to clip the top and let the bottom keep maturing. Is that an option? (Hps bulb)

    I'm in a 4x6 with a 600 hps with 4 strains. They are a few feet tall and I'm seeing brown reddish hairs coming out the top colas already.

    I'm not sure what happened but mh old thread is there. I just can't post or get onto my name
  2. Where did u read to cut the lights out for a week before harvest. That is crazy. U can cut the top and leave the rest for later a lot of growers do that
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  3. Hi chep. I read it that its good to cut the food and let the plant eat all its sugars/starches. It makes the drying process faster and makes for better taste.
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    Yea but not for a whole week. Maybe for 24 to 36 hrs
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  5. Got it. Ill prolly crop and dry.

    Now I heard of burping to dry with mason jars and I heard I can just hang upside down in a dark room with minimal humidity. Any difference in the methods?

    Also. I have where trichomes in my fan leaves and red hairs on the colas. I heard once you get red you know your close. When should I stop flowering? No.. I don't have a magnifying camera to look at amber trichomes so what else do I look for?
  6. The burping in a jar, from what ive read, should cime after the hanging to dry part. This is mostly fir curing, i believe. Helps bring out the full flavor with a smoother smoke.
  7. Ill read more on it I guess.
  8. Yea read a lot more

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