Growing contraption idea

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    What do you think?

  2. the volksgarden!
  3. I think it's a good idea to work with.
    I don't see, however, that the growth of the vegetation would be enough to rotate the barrel.
    However, the rotating barrel idea seems sound... if manually.

    What's the 'end game'?
  4. Looks good to me.

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  5. To LST the plant into a circle so it doesn't get 10 feet tall... ??

    You don't think it would grow tall enough?
    I see supercropped plants around here still getting 8 feet tall..

    I figured this way you wouldn't have to top the plant, fim it, break it, or anything but turn it and end up with a shorter bushier plant grown in a circle so the stalk could get light all the way around..
  6. upload_2019-6-23_16-56-46.png
    I don't think the growth is powerful enough to turn the barrel.
  7. Well no..
    You would turn it by hand like 20 degrees every few days once the plant pointed back up and grew some more..
  8. I do this everyday for my outdoor plant's, turn them a 1/4 @ 4 times a day & if im lazy turn them 1/2 way round once a day so the plant's get light evenly.

    That being said, i dont grow indoors or under light's & i haven't read the full thread because im stoned, fat n' lazy & it's way to early in the morning to be serious. Lol...
  9. It may be easier to train them yourself.
  10. is this phisics?

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