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Growing close to a school?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Lotus Sutra, May 11, 2010.

  1. Just wondering how much more illegal growing medical is if it is close to a school. Like within 1000 yards for sure.
  2. If it is a private residence there is no legal issue as long as you have a proper recommendation.

    If it is not your own property it may be a huge issue with your landlord, you had better read your lease with a fine-tooth-comb. If there's ANY clauses that say anything about illegal drugs, you absolutely cannot grow in your rented residence. EVEN IF you have a valid recommendation, it offers no protection against eviction those circumstances. NOW if there's nothing in the lease about illegal drugs, then you're fine.
  3. thats for california, right will?

    i have wondered this same thing about CO laws. ive never been able to find anything more on the issue.
  4. Keep it quiet 1-4 plants maximum

    if you get caught there IS a greater charge for cultivating near a school zone (unless ur medical approved)
  5. should not be a problom cause your on your own land dont be like HEY KIDS WANNA SMOKE SOME POT? lol then you should be fine but if you rent or what ever call your landlord and ask.
  6. dont grow in rooming houses

    you might get away with a leased apartment if your landlord isnt all snoopy and shit
  7. ya im renting an apartment, and right before i signed the lease, i asked him if i could grow a few plants.

    he was cool with it, which is fucking sweet! ha. his only stipulation, an obvious one, is that everything remains legal.
  8. Thanks guys. I live in colorado. And i am a licensed caregiver. I just need to move bad cause this is a bad airborne mold issue in this old house. I have been very ill for the last year.

  9. You asked if you could grow plants - did he think/know you meant marijuana? Because if not he's going to know that you're growing SOME sort of plant, and that's already against rule #1 of growing...
  10. i'd be careful with that shit on some real shit bro... if your in california you can get major felonies if you're growing within a certain distance from schools,libraries etc. The clinic i used to go to about 2 years ago was too close too a school and it got raided and the workers there got fat offenses just because in the law it say's no marijuana can be within a certain distance of a school and other places. Trust me bro i've read Prop 215 and SB 420 i'm a law student at Cal State Lb. Grow somewhere far the fuck out in the desert not near shit and you'll be cool.
  11. Yea, i found out that its not a good idea to grow 1000ft from a school or any other place of learning for kids that is funded. Guess i will have to look for a different house.
  12. Yeah dude don't fuck around with the schools, they don't take that shit lightly at all.
  13. if you really want to know about the legislation it's self here is sb 420..

    and here is prop 215
    as long as you get a vendor/grower's permit from the county you should have no problems and are not growing or distributing within 1000 feet from any school,library,youth center,park etc. it's perfectly legal and even if you do get raided i can almost gaurentee your case will be dropped.
  14. as long as your legal and all your paper are current you shouldnt have a problem at all just make sure you keep the amount of plants you have in check with what your county allows you to grow

  15. what would be the point of going to your landlord and asking permission to grow tomatoes?
  16. Even with all the proper precautions say you get busted that an extra charge for being close to a school (im assuming) it seem like it would though
  17. DEPENDS WHAT SCHOOL TO BE HONEST lol caps.. my bad but what skool is it near, if its elementary, or high school it makes a difference 'cause its all logics in the judges eye y'kno

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