Growing cantalopes in vertical indoor garden

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this before. I think I'm going to start research on this and get a build going for an organic vertical grow. Any input would be great. Thanks
  2. melons? vertically?
    sounds like a plan to snap the stems, melons are HEAVY
  3. I've grown mini melons on my chain link fence. I used old netting left over from before the net ban to make hammocks for the fruits. It takes a lot of light to grow mature melons, but if I had to pick a variety to do indoors it would be cantaloupe. They can tolerate partial shade outdoors and still be productive. Good luck.
  4. Thanks! That was just the kind of inspiration I needed. Time to order my grow tent and other supplies for this project. I'm still researching up on the organic soil from the organics section and theres alot of info there to sort thru. Cheers!
  5. I think you would also need to manually pollinate them. I have to manually pollinate my tomatoes on my pool deck.
  6. If you do this grow then I would be interested on updates or a journal. I have been trying to think of a fruit I could grow indoors between my regular grows, or along with my regular grows.
  7. Thanks for the info and interest. I am looking for seeds to order and once I get the rest of the equipment I need I'll start a grow journal here. Its looking like jan when that going to happen. Cheers!
  8. Great choice man growing cantalopes in a vertical indoor garden is quite unique and i have never seen any body growing this way. Hope you will get success.
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    "ellwilll" Said what I was going to say
    They may be to heavy to hang
    But hay what do you have to loose by trying

    Good Luck

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