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If I buy a $300 3 foot tall growing cabinet, will it be tall enough to grow and harvest bud in?

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  1. I dont know if i buy a 3 foot tall grow cabinet will it be tall enough to grow a few plants and harvest bud out of.
  2. Maybe.
    Can you get Indica genetics? If it's gonna be a bagseed grow,
    probably not.

    I know that I found a 5 foot tall tent rather cramped.
  3. $300 grow cabinet? I could find you a tent, lights, inline fan+filter for about the same price if you want..
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  4. First do this calculation (I'll make guesses for you):
    How tall is the growing pot/reservoir?
    How much room is needed between tent top and bottom of light?
    What's the minimum distance between bottom of light and top of plant?

    Here are my guesses, added up in the order presented:
    1.0 ft + 0.5 ft + 1.5 ft = 3.0 ft, which leaves room for plants 0 ft high.

    The only way you might get this to work is to grow some autos that the breeder says are "short," and hope that you can reduce some of these distances.
  5. You know people grow in PC cases right?
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  6. Depends on your lighting and size of pot really. With cfl's you can keep them super close, but with high powered lighting you need at least a foot or so during flower.

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