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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Nathan Martell, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. well, first of all this is my first time in this web page, and let me tell you it is exelent!!!
    Well, couple of questions?

    1)How can i grow this kind of seeds (Purple Tops and Northern Pride (100% Female Seeds)) i just put them on a pot or in what place?

    2) whit regular soil or what kind of soil??

    3) this kind of seeds, one says that is good to grow in october and the other one in september, bte!!! i live in mexico and i want to grow them now on april or beginig march is that a good time or not???

    4) how often did i water the plant and how many sun ligth per day??

    well this are the question , plzzz try ro help me.....
    thank you
  2. to get purple hairs is simple all you hav 2 do is place a rusty nail right by the roots wit out moving the soil around the roots then it will simply feed off of the zinc n shit
  3. HIGH All, so you've tried the nail in the stalk.....please tell us All about it.

    muddy420 read and read about growing marijuana..I've put so many links on grow guides here....sid has a good one.

    Feminized seeds a big have to know what your doing when playing with Femminized I don't think they are worth the money, to much of a chance you'll get Hermies if you stress your plants even a little and we don't want Hermmies at least I don't want them in my room. I've been growing one strain for years and would hate to see a Hermmie beside them and screw up what we've been doing.

  4. 3, i think they mean this is when they will finish flowering when grown outdoors, i dont know much about growing in mexico but as im guessing you wont get any more frosts (if you ever get any at all) then now is a good time to plant outdoors, indoors any time is a good time.

    4, watering is a very personal thing. depends on how much rain you get, how well draining the soil is when outdoors. indoors it depends on heat, light, size of pot, soil and other things. find a grow guide and read it is the best advice i can give on that.

    light.... outdoors when the sun shines. indoors 18 hours of light then 6 hrs of dark when in veg and 12 light 12 dark when you want to flower.

    boom shankar my friend.

  5. nails are made from iron or steel not zinc or shit. galvernising is when zinc is used and rust is iron oxide.

    nails in soil will do nothing good for a plant and nails in stems will harm the plant not help it.

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