growing at a 45 degree angle

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  1. Has anyone's plants ever grown like this. When I topped her she started growing at a 45 degree angle. I'm sure it's fine but it seems a little weird.

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  2. It looks like the light was stronger on the left side.?

  3. I had one like that. I found a crutch like stick and propped it up a bit.

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  4. Yea it was it grew into the light..luckly no light burn. I mean it's perfectly fine but just has grown almost straight up. Just crazy to me.
  5. It's normal for them to tilt to face the light, they'll only grow straight up if they're directly under the light source otherwise they'll tilt to collect as much light as they can. i rotate mine 25% turns a day to keep them from leaning.
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  6. That make sense. I need more light also I think. Thanks for the info
  7. Try rotating them once a day about a quarter turn the same direction every day and check them you'll be surprised how fast they can move. it will help the side growth in the back get more light and come up to make colas too.
  8. Will do.. I think part of it is my lighting and where the lights sit. I will take your advice first and proceed from there.
  9. When I was a kid I use to work in a green house for this old farmer and his wife, and I recall when I started there all the pots in all the artificial grow rooms had a small hole drilled on the side at the top of each pot. And before you walked into any of those rooms there was a flip over sign that had (4) number ( 3, 6, 9, 12) on it, and each day each of those signs would be flipped / changed to display the next number. And as I learned later, that was the PLANTS CLOCK, everyday, when I came into work, I would have to rotate each pot to the position that was currently on the flip over sign. The farmer and his wife, were sticklers about that and for good reason, as it truly does benefits a plant, allowing it to receive the same amount of light from every angle, using a daily, or weekly, quarter turn pot rotation.
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  10. Brilliant! My instincts must be ok. I built a 40" turntable for my tent and every day it gets a quarter turn to keep my light balanced. Thanks for sharing that.

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