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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bongman, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. gday guys, i am not yet a heavy smoker but i am moving away from home in 2 weeks and i think i might try my luck at growing one plant. It wouldnt involve any lights or anything just in the sun in the back yard to begin with. Do i have a chance of success? i know some people who grew 2 wicked plants like that!!

    One thing im worried about would be when it gets larger and it starts to bud, in a small backyard would the smell of the bud be strong and could people smell it and notice that im growing something? If i had visitors like family i could hide it somewhere i guess but i couldnt have it smelling to much. If its outdoors would it though??

    im not sure what else to ask, i would just get some cheap seeds and hopefully one would grow! as you can tell im pretty amature in this field. I wanna give it a go though in the coming months so i want to find some stuff out now!!

    any tips or links/hints would be awsome dudes.

    also i would prob start the seeds in a pot indoors thats why i posted here :)
  2. yes it'll smell in the house very much so during flowering, and if they are around it it'll smell outside aswell. check all the guides we have to offer at the top of the forum they help out alot.

  3. and somtimes you forget how much it smells as your allways around it..........people who aren't and don't smoke can smell tem a mile away, one of my pals who i hadn't seen for ages, came by during the last grow, and said he could smell it as soon as he came in the house, so just watch out for that one.........Peace out........Sid
  4. thanks for the replys guys, im not sure...i could only grow if the smell would be next to nothing and i dont think thats gonna happen, i dont wanna get busted growing thats the thing obviously. I dunno if its worth taking the risk for, i mean should i just buy the shit like normal..i dunno dudes... if i could get a strain with little smell i might give it a shot!!
  5. northern lights is supposedly very known for having a little odor
  6. or you could do an outdoor grow?..........Peace out.........Sid

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