Growing A Plant No Veg Time???

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  1. i was on this forum where a guy said he grew his plants with no veg time at all he just started flowering as soon as the seeds sprouted and they were done in 9 weeks?!? i need someone elses opinion on this cause if it work out good ima defenetly give it a try
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    it can definitely be done, however if you do this, you're not gonna get much yield. people will typically do SOG type grows like this, where they just have a ton of plants with one big top cola.

    edit: assuming you're using clones. didn't read carefully enough to see you said from seed.
  3. Was the person talking about clones?
  4. *sigh*

    There's always a veg period unless you grow from clones. You can start with your lighting on 12/12 from seed, which will force your plant to flower as early as possible, but it still needs a period to grow leaves and branches. If you're starting from seed, you're going to have around a month of veg time at least, no matter what you do. A harvest 9 weeks from seed is a fantasy.
  5. waste of time mate.

    I've heard of putting clones into 12/12 just after root formation, but a seedling has to mature before it can properly flower.
    A clone, theoretically, is at the same level of maturity as the donor mum, so has a bit of a head-start on the process........1 of the benefits of clones;)

    If you put seedlings into 12/12 too soon, they just keep vegging very slowly, (get's wrong nutes for further vegging, wrong light spectrum and combative light cycles) till they are ready for flowering. Big waste of time, lower yeild, subject to stress. Unless forced at gunpoint to start your seedlings on 12/12 early, much better to properly veg them till they are biologically ready.

    my 2 cents:smoking:
  6. LMAO....what a joke!
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    if your doing 12/12 from seed make sure to have many plants to make up for yeild and make sure to LST. its not to bad to come off with plants that have about an ounce each if you have a lot of them. and you can fit more small plants in a space rather than a few large plants, works nice if your worried about vertical space. not a bad concept if done right.:D:D just make sure that you have enough seeds to do this. dont only do a few plants if your looking for a nice yeild. do as many as you think your space will fill. im on 5 square ft and im running 20 seedlings and i will end up with about 10, just so everything goes well i should be able to pull an ounce off each. oh yeah indicas will take about 10-12 weeks and sativa will take longer.

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