growing 40 plants?

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  1. how much space would i need for 40 full plants? i wanna yeild 3 oz off of each plant. how many lights would i need and how much space pls someone help
  2. 4x4 space 1-2 (1000) A strain that can grow straight up with minimal side branching something like WR. If you veg till 3' you could easily get 3o of a plant.
  3. its kinda like a charter jet. if your expecting 3oz per plant and dont even know about electricity yet, its too much for you. start with a few, maybe 2 or 3, and learn it first. otherwise, youll waste your money and time.
  4. thats going to be noticeable with the watts growing 40 plants, and i take it, its not for personal use...
  5. 3oz a plant is doable, but they will have to be well veged large plants (this means a couple of months or more of vege time). 40 plants of this size would take up 10'x10' at least, and use 5 or more 1000w lights.

    If your goal is the weight (3 oz per plant x 40 = 7.5 lbs) there may be other options.

    My most efficient set up is my homebuilt, 79 plant, soil Vertical Octogon (basically an 8 sided, 5 tier shelf system surrounding a vertical light tube). It only takes up a 6' x 6' space but has consistently yielded 6+ lbs off of 3000w. I have twice achieved the lofty goal of getting 1 gram of bud for each Watt of light I burn. With a mom and vege room feeding the Octo semi mature plants I'm able to reliably harvest 6 lbs every 80 days.

    Your goals are achievable, but it will take a lot of; space, electricity, know how, time, and practice to achieve ..... Good Luck !
  6. awesom thanks for the support homie! can you show me this crazy design your talkin about

  7. Pics or it never happened
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  9. Omfg duckhead!
  10. wow! duckhead thats a nice set up.
  11. duckhead fuckin tell me how to make that setup. thats the most efficient design ive ever seen.
  12. you can buy setups very similar to duckheads, saw an article in high times
  13. oh yea wear at?
  14. ill see if i can dig out the high times i saw it in, ill post it up later

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