Growin' one bud, one leaf

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by superskunksmoke, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Can you cut a bud and a leaf and grow it under light until flower? This way I can grow in smaller areas...
  2. No I wouldn't cut a plant in flower unless its ready.
  3. I mean wait until it shows a bud and cut it to grow under intense light?
  4. Do you mean auxiliary bud or a cylax bud ?
  5. Whatever one works its my first grow but I have money for equipment
  6. so you want to grow a clone? you dont cut clones from a flowering plant flowering means budding
  7. [quote name='"pinkbear"']so you want to grow a clone? you dont cut clones from a flowering plant flowering means budding[/quote]

    U can cut from flower. They will usually root a little faster but then take longer to go back into veg an start growing. U just get a plants an top it In the space that is aloud
  8. Can I grow single bud cuttings? Just small buds
  9. Why do you want to grow "small buds"? How small is your grow space?
  10. Yea I don't get it. U can't grow small colas. U can grow small plants that will have small colas. Just use like one gallon pots if u really want them that small.
  11. 1ft tall and I want to cut a whole plant down and grow the buds because I can grow them outside and then take them to my lights
  12. ACTUALLY, YES. Maybe not the way you're describing. there is a man on here who has an AMP can he cut the top off and put a few LEDs in there and it seals back together.. he says he grows 1-2 grams in it at a time. and also says it's very inefficient and is more for bragging rights. a bet or some junk.
    +rep to whoever can remind me who this man is.
  13. Just do 12/12 from seed. You'll get smaller plants focusing on one main cola= 1 small bud
  14. Root a branch and flower the branch keep em small they'll stay about a foot tall.
    It's not buds or leads you wanna root it's the actual branch the buds will grow on the branches
  15. I assumed that to grow them I would need at least one leaf

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