Growers: What is your favourite strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MajinX, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. I'm gonna try growing after the summer ends. I have lots of time to decide on what i'm gonna try to grow, but want input.

    What is your favourite strain with respect to...

    - ease of growing (indoor)?
    - yield
    - time from when you have the seeds in your hand, to when your plant is ready for picking
    - the high you get (could you describe it)

    thanks to anyone who responds.
  2. 2 words. Super Skunk. very easy to grow, actually recommended for beginners, can yield up to half a kilo in a green house, i got my seeds locally, so i cant comment on that, but also, the high is amazing....very sativa, but with a pleasant amount of body to it. check my grow if youd like to see it in action. im 25 days into flower. (p.s. no-one be a smart ass and say....thats more than two words, i was only referring to the amount of words in the strain name LOL.)
    Just Blaze It.....
  3. I like the smoke of hybrids.
    I am currently tokin on the strain Chronic. Chronic boasts great yield without sacrificing quality. It was also easy to grow. Northern lights is also a great smoke (not a hybrid) and it is easy to grow (so I have heard). Power Plant is also nice and easy to grow with a lot of THC in it. I also grew a strain called Buddah when I was a new grower. I totally fucked up on almost every aspect of that grow and I still got a smoke able product so that one is very easy to grow
  4. Unfortunately for me, I have little knowledge of strains. I've done just a bit of reading about sativa vs indica. I'll likely be looking for a hybrid, in that i'd want it to grow and mature faster, be on the shorter side, but have a combined cerebral/body high. Do most hybrids boast this?

    Basically this thread is to help me get an idea of what i'm gonna try to grow eventually.

  5. Yes they do. Except that they don't finish as fast as a pure indica. Otherwise they have an even cerebral and body stone.
  6. as for the perfect strain,,,i believe one you crossed and created is the best,,,,i plan on crossing,,,,, maybe white russian[definatly one of the white widow strain family, havent decided which one],,,,, but the other is definatly going to be a hawaiin sativa strain,,,,, and those seeds i produce from this future cross will be my ultimate strain,,,,,,,, then ill cross something else and call it my perfect strain....:yay: :metal:
  7. bubba kush....ITS SO AMAZING! no was made by an american soldier who whent to iraq or w/e for the war and brought back on of the afgani plants there and crossed it with an alabama one...and oh my god! it doesnt even look like marijane cause it is covvvverd in trichome chrystals 1 cm big each if not more and so u cant even see the leaves or anything....look it up on a google image search or was in a high times magazine...

    But for growing a beginer or w/e...i would pic n e thing to do with a white widow strain....high potence....its just great.

    and for a really high quallity strain. try sensi star...or most deffinetly sour diesel....those both sell for 600$ an oz on the street!!!!!! imagine how much you would save growing that stuff....

    but ya srry if i didnt give enough input on what they do ...dont really know i just know they are great taste, smell....potency...and deffenetly HIGHest quality
  8. Hashplant, dense as fuck. Gets you so high. I dunno about growing it. But the high is excellent.
  9. if you harvest the indica when the trichs are still cloudy it will help produce a more heady high. but you might loose a bit on yield. i am currently growing c99 and i fucked up all kinds of stuff and it keeps on growing.
  10. bagseed ha ha ha. i cant get fuck all else to sprout ha ha.
  11. For Growing Ease and Bud Size : Bob Marley's Best or PPP

    Best High (dont plan on doing anything after you smoke it) : 4Way Special
  12. cloudy trichomes,,,, excellent,,, give that man an a+,,,, good info.
  13. I just ordered some AK-48 and Pure Power Plant from seedboutique...

    AK-48 (same as AK-47... just nirvana's name for it) might be good for you. Supposed to be fairly easy to grow and very potent product.

    The PPP might be too... but it's meant for outdoors. It has huge yields outdoors, but I think its yields indoors would compare with most other plants if you take care of it.

    oh and no matter what you order I would definitely order from or dr. chronic... I haven't dealt with dr. chronic, just heard good things. but the shipping times from seedsboutique are excellent. 4 days to east coast US.
  14. I'm thinking i might just buy from a local store.

    i'm thinking of:

    Northern Lights x Buddha
    Blueberry Skunk
    Shiskaberry x Buddha

    any order of a certain number comes with the same number of Skunk 69 seeds, feminized, so its really 10 seeds (of those types) for 40 cad. Plus i wouldnt have to worry at all about shipping or them being picked off.

    I don't know the reliability of these seeds, but if anyone has input with regards to these strains, i would appreciate it.
  15. I would never pay those prices. =P
  16. the best prices ive seen are about 10 english pounds for 10 seeds. I think. thats not including shipping.

    If you want to direct me towards significantly better prices, recommend strains, and from a place with fast and reliable shipping, then feel free to do so.
  17. That was about the same as here.... the nirvana seeds from seedboutique, but the site you put a link to had much, much more expensive prices than that.
  18. yes.

    note, though, that i am looking at the cheaper seeds. 5 for 40 canadian.

    also note that any package of seeds comes with the same number free of feminized skunk 69, or something like that (says on the top of the page). 10 for 50 cad. 10 english pounds is about 20-25 bucks canadian, or it was a while ago. shipping is a few bucks, so it doesnt end up being that much more expensive.

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