Growers Urge?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Touch of Grey, May 13, 2010.

  1. I have this urge to just go check on my plant, even if they're only about a quarter of a mile away, and i can clearly see if anything is going down..
    I have 4 plants out there, and they're all 2 weeks old, they're all doing fine, and i know nothing is going to happen to them, but i have classes during the day, and the time seems to go by SO slow.
    I hang out with friends and everything and the time flies by there, but i can't hang out all the time due to college.
    I try to keep my mind off of the plants as much as possible.
    And, i was just wondering.. is this normal?
  2. Its normal for me lol, im just sitting around the house and check my plants twice in a half hour lol.
  3. It gets pretty annoying though, because i'm growing outdoors with a 20 acre farm behind my neighborhood.
    And, i cant run out there whenever i feel like it, 'cause i was arrested 6 months ago and was on probation for 3 months, and my neighbors are super nosy.. Plus, My plants were unnoticeable to myself for the first week and a half because there is so much grass.
    I have natural markers now though, i.e. Rocks, branches.
  4. in order to pass the time i recommend
  5. Haha,
    Well, dude! you named all the things i do anyways! haha!
  6. I live and die by my plants, I'm such a worried father!

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  7. All the time. Today I was glad I did. The wind blew over my tallest plant, so I stked it up.
  8. considering you have a record i'd try and go to the plants as little as need for them to grow well... too often and people will get suspicious and the risk of someone seeing you is increased(especially with nosey neighbors)
  9. Change skateboard to bmx and your set ;)
  10. don't leave a beaten down path through the grass leading to them. And yes i have a nagging urge to look into my cuppord every 10 minutes, wtf is wrong with me.
  11. i mean only bmx if you dont like ladies. Because ladies dont like bmx.

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