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  1. Has anyone ever grown any of their strains? I placed a small order 3 - C99 seeds for a starter and I couldn't be more impressed with their service. They are out of California and I received my seeds in 4 days - southeast US. They take cc and have a lot of feminized and auto seeds - they guarantee germination - not sure of the genetics but I will know in about 3 months. I'll keep everyone informed.
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  2. Thank you Mick!!
    I have heard nothing but great things about them..Prices look good and they don't rape on shipping either.
    They are on my "list" of things to do;)

    BTW: I like your new avatar..LOL
    I may try some as well
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  3. Unless my memory fails me, you don't like the paper towel method?
    I see you must follow Grower's Choice directions exactly, for the warranty..BTW: I went back to the paper towel method myself with 100% results after 2 soak and direct to soil fails..
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  4. You're right Buzzer - I don't like the paper towel method - I have excellent results with Rapid Rooters so I see no reason to change. Besides, how would they know I didn't use their recommended methods if they fail to germinate? Started my yearly grow - I start more seeds than I need and grow them out for about 2-3 weeks, then I choose 4 of the best plants. Hopefully I will be growing - Nirvana OG Kush, Nirvana Pre99/Big Bud, and 2 - Growers Choice C99. :D
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  5. Thought we had a chat about that..At least my memory hasn't failed completely..LOL

    Harvesting the remains of GDP and Gorilla Wreck#4 tomorrow (I think), and will move a Big Blue Cheese and Gorilla Bomb into the flower tent..I also had some regular (I don't like them either) Crackleberry from Greenpoint Seeds so I germinated 4..I wanted to try the strain sooooo..LOL.
    Now have GDP, 00 Kush, GW#4, Mystery, Acapulco Gold, and Big Easy OG in my stash..My selection is almost as good as a small dispensary..LMAO
    Got a Levo extraction machine for Butter/oil and already had a Rosin press so I am off..I mean REALLY off..:laughing:
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  6. I'm trying 2 Growers Choice auto strains, critical purple and tangerine dream using rapid rooters and hydro. The tangerine dream never popped, but I hadn't followed GC germ instructions. The critical purple started very slowly, and looked wispy, but is filling out well now at 7 weeks. It's over 3 feet tall and getting bigger.

    This could be a good source of seeds for US folks.
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  7. A little update on my Growers Choice Seeds. I placed the seeds in Rapid Rooters (I don't pre-soak), and one popped in 48 hours, the other two were popped this morning at 60 hours. All three had a root coming out the bottom of the rooter already. I'm impressed so far with both the service and the germ time - let's see how they grow out. :D:D
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  8. I soaked a tangerine dream auto in water for 24 hours and planted, today is day 5 since I planted and I'm not seeing anything. It was in a barneys farm package and was ordered from southern Oregon seeds. Just curious if yours was also a barneys?
  9. I got some of those c99 seeds as a freebee pack. You should post a couple pics when yours start growing man!
  10. Mine was a Growers Choice brand tangerine dream bought from Growers Choice.
    The Critical Purple auto is looking good.
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  11. Hmm alright then. I think I might start germinating another one tonight. What's the longest you've seen a seed take to sprout up?
  12. Around 4 days, but I've heard of a week.
    Waiting on bad seeds to sprout costs us time.
    I germ a couple extra as replacements, that will probably go bad from age anyway.
  13. True that it's already a long enough process as it is lol. I dropped a sweet tooth auto in some water just now so I'll see what happens with this one. If my other doesn't sprout it will be my first seed to fail on me. Thanks for your input man.
  14. I have germinated some seeds that were 3 yrs problem soaked in water for 18 hrs and cracked..then straight to soil.
    Stored in an air tight tupperware container in a kitched cuboard..temps about 72d F year round..I need to get some fulvic acid on hand in case I find a tough one..I think the older seeds just develop tougher shells, making it harder for a tap root in many cases.
  15. Update on my Growers Choice C-99. As I mentioned in an earlier post - they all popped out of the rapid rooter within 48-60 hours. Here they are at 7 days old. I plan on only keeping 2 out of 3. I will keep you updated on their progress.
    1 week C-99.JPG
  16. Very Nice Mick!!
    I dropped 4 regular Crackleberry from Greenpoint Seeds..1st time FORMALLY growing regulars..should be interesting to say the least!
  17. Update. Cinderella 99 at 2 weeks from sprout. I'm very happy with their rapid growth. I wish I could keep all three.
    2 weeks C 99.JPG
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  18. Nice Mick..Those air pots are really Alien looking..LOL
  19. Update - Cinderella 99 at 3 weeks from sprout. Impressive growth. Can't wait to smoke it.
    3 weeks C99.JPG
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