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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by wildthingmax, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Had three seeds that didnt germinate and contacted Growers Choice, their customer service was awesome and replaced the seeds. Was so impressed I ordered more while on the phone. Highly recommend them for anyone in the US.
  2. Have you grown any yet?
    I've got some but haven't planted.
  3. Ive got three blueberry autos that are only 7 days old. The three seeds I had problems with were tangerine dream and I ordered some northern lights from them today when I ordered my replacement seeds.
  4. Uh oh.
    I've got some tangerine dream and critical purple, both claimed to have insanely high thc levels.
  5. I dont know anything about the tangerine just what ive read online. Some people have said its difficult to grow. Im going to give it a shot though.
  6. Do they ship to states that are not legal? Interested in order from them.
  7. They ship their souvenir seeds to the entire US
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  8. That's good to hear. They say something like "to states that are legal of course" on their site but I think they are just covering their butts lol.

    Going to give them a try.

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