Growbros Closet Grow Diaries

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Growbros, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. What's up GC? KJ and Tool here, documenting our closet grow.Its a simple setup with 2 long fluorescent lights,a fan,some tinfoil and a closet.


    And,heres the little baby.



    You may not have noticed a fan.Well,thats because the damn thing fell and broke.We'll have a new fan soon.The baby is just no-name dank,and theres been a delay on the good seeds,so we should have new babies within the next week.I appreciate all of your feedback,criticism and suggestions.KJ and I will keep updating this post with pics and info for everyone.


    - Tool

    Edit* Christ on a bike,why are the pictures so big?

    I'll crop them and flip them over next time,my bad.
  2. hehe looks good...figuring out pics can be a pain on this site :p

    what kinda seeds do you got on the way?
  3. Sometime soon we'll have Blue Dream and there are 3 different possible varieties we can get.Not totally sure as to what we're getting yet,getting good quality seeds can be a pain.

    - KJ
  4. Looks like its really stretching. Put the lights a lot closer.
  5. While it does look like it's stretching, it looks solid and healthy and everything so I figure when it hardens up it might be a big'n, let it ride and just brace it if it needs
  6. Yeah,it started stretching before we put the lights closer.We had it leaning on a stake with a twist tie for a few days,but its gotten stronger and its now able to stand up on its own.

    I'm really hoping KJ gets the new seeds soon,we need to get some more babies in there.I'm thinking of lowering the closet rack so we can fit more buds.I'm glad this grow doesn't require stealth because its gonna be reeking.

    - Tool
  7. Sounds good but you should probably resize your future pics.
  8. That's cool that tall little bastard. Get some more goin bro!

    Lol, not having to worry about stealth is priiiceleesss
  9. The seeds are KJ's responsibility.We plan to make hash with the trimming and any males we have,so I'll post pics of a nice batch of QWISO in a couple months time.And don't worry,the pics will be resized.
  10. can't wait to see how beautiful it grows :]
  11. Same here.By the time its ready I'll be able to smoke again and we're going to make a big batch of hash with the trimmings.
  12. why can't you smoke right now ?
  13. Ehhh Life,the government,etc.Hows the new signature look?

  14. damn the man!
    it looks great, nice job.
  15. The font is awesome.If anybody wants that font click here.

    Well,we got a single,dank ass seed.We're going to start the germination process tomorrow and then throw her in a pot.

    Still waiting on the other seeds.
  16. Isn't looking that good anymore, pictures will be posted of what it looks like now by the end of today.

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