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    I have this shelf with no front, i'm thinking of converting into a small grow box.

    Front 16 1/2 inches wide
    Height 44 inches
    Front to back width 1 foot

    What kind of plants would i fit in there,
    I grew two ww in a closet space before
    They were tall, like 6 feet touching my hsp light.

    Is it just a matter of taking your babies out of veg stage early to keep them small?
    Coz i know those ww's get pretty leafy, wondering how to keep them small for this grow space.

    What could i use to make a good sealed door on the front?

    I have a hps and balast but they clocked up the electricity so i was wondering
    if i could get my hands of some cheap cfls but not sure what exactly.
    Really need to keep the bills down also.

    Doesn't look like could grow much in this space.
    All i want is to have one or two on a cycle so when i run out another is ready.

    Was gonna use this as my extraction maybe it's too big for this space?
    I'ts silent enough and not too powerful if used in reverse as extraction fan, maybe?

    So many questions, appreciate any tips
  2. Start flowering early, or topping or one of the other variations to keep the plants growing out instead of up so much.

    I started flowering my latest batch 2 weeks before the last one, they are a good 2.5 feet or so shorter this time around compared to last, same genetics and seeds. I even have more lights this time around, but they still are less than 3 feet tall. (last time they were anywhere from 5 feet to 4 feet)

    Good sealed door? A piece of wood attached by hinges to your box. Weather stripping all along the inside of the door where it connects to the box itself than a small latch of any type to keep the door closed tightly. (no light leaks that way)

    CFLs, they have 40+ watters that are larger than normal but you need less of them for your grow. If you can grab a few of those and the Y socket splitters you could hang 4 of them (totally about 200 watts and something like 16,000 lumens) Its much more managable heat wise and space wise than any HID light.

    Cant help much with the fan, does it have to be inside the box or are tubes coming out of it ok?

    Id grow any Indica in there, they are shorter. With light bulb clearance, planting pot size and growth its usually better than TRYING and HOPING your sativa wont shoot to the top of your box.
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    I thought the fan might fit if i took it apart, but it's a bit big with the wire guard on it.
    It's probably bigger than a 4 inch duct fan with the guard off it.
    I'd have to attach tube to the back of it some how if it was outside the box,
    If it's any good as an extractor, then i only have to attach tune to the outside of the box/hole.
  4. I use 120mm PC fans, 2 of those in line with eachother in ducting actually creates surprising amount of suction (or if you turn it around force)

    I can pick up rubber balls with it :) Good part about them is they are so tiny, you can add them anywhere.
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    Yea small is good i might invest in two duct fans.

    So i need about 4 cfl bulbs - 100 watts each? and a 4 socket bath bar setup for them? splitter

    Are thee powerful enough link
  6. I know nothing of LED lighting. Well I know some, but not enough and have never used it myself.

    If you can find 100 watt CFL bulbs, most of the big ones are 42 watts. Make sure to shop by actual wattage not the compared to wattage (which is always way higher)

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