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  1. well, i am very new to growing. I've always been facinated with the cannabis plant so i thought id try my hand at growing. I'm growing in a marked out residentually forest in a secluded spot. my seeds are germinating at the moment. after two days of research ive learned cloning, germination , the reason why female plants are good. how to tell the diffrence between male and female. anyways i know where im growing i'm not gonna produce the best ganja. its going to have seeds and the strain will be weakened. So, im asking the Grasscity comunity for some tips and whats the average grow time on a cannabis plant?
  2. Grow times outdoors depends alot on the strain your growing and the climate of your grow area. However you generally plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. Unless your planting autoflowers then you plant in the spring and harvest roughly 2-3 months later.
  3. Alright so about 6 month grow period?

  4. Like was stated strain matters and where you are in the world but outside unless using autos 6 month is a better average. Say you plant outside this month or next but thats for where I am about 45n x 120w and summer is short. Some areas can grow 10 and 12 months out of the year.
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    I've heard my climate is pretty suitable for cannabis. i live in missouri. another question do tabacco an cannabis have any relations?

    EDIT: and summers here are really humid an average temp is about 80 degrees

  6. I know the area, and humidity late in flower is the worst. So strains of more equatorial variety and search out disease resistant strains.
  7. Are you going to plant them in the ground? my tip to assure your plants survival in early growth is to stalk your site with human scents. . The main problems I encountered were over fertilizing (so go basic) where the fan leaves got yellow and fell off, And a bug problem which involved nearly all of my fan leaves getting holes chewed in them. that being said, I still managed to get a small harvest from this plant, and the bud was clean, sticky, and full of trichomes. And I got away with early June, to late-September last year, which is a little less then four months.

  8. ok thanks.

    Pushwarmth- i will just have to be careful. i also need to be safe for in my state it is not legal soooo i run a risk.

    on another note any good strain suggestions?

    EDIT: tempatures in summer are prolly more high 80's average.

  9. You are very close to the opposite Longitude and latitude of Afganistan so Indicas from those regions should do well for ya.
  10. Indicas are a good smoke . I enjoy them , thanks for your help.

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