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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Big_Jay, May 26, 2010.

  1. hey gc

    Im getting some cash finally and wanna upgrade my grow room and get outta the damn closet.

    Ive seen a 1.0x1,0x1.8 grow tent and have a few questions.

    Will this be ok with a 250hps? And how many plants ya think i could do. I was thinking maybe 4.

    Cheers guy
  2. is that meters or someshit?
  3. :wave: I'd say 4 big ones if its 1metre :D

    I wouldn't buy another tent though :(
  4. yeah meters lol

  5. How come?

  6. I like tents, you could build one out of PVC fairly easily, but IMO at the price its easier just to buy one.

    3x3 is plenty big for 4. I grow 4 in a 20"x36" footprint, which is like .55x.98 meters or some crap, mine is 5' tall, so 1.8 meters i guess.
  7. that growbox is ok for 250 but you could fit a 400 in there. I use 250w with the XS (0.6x0.6x1.2)...meters of course xDxD

  8. Well i was building one but it kinda went down the pan lol so i decided ill buy one instead with my uni bursery haha free money :cool:

    How many plants do you grow? Im looking at doing 4, and wirh that i would be added some cfls, maybe 100wish
  9. While easy to build, I have a secret jardin tent, and there is no way I could cheaply build the tent they made with the quality stitching, the heavy duty zippers, all of the vents and holes with the pull ties to pull them light tight closed, etc.... I am very glad I shelled out the $$$ for my tent, because I would not have come close to the quality of my tent. My res on the other hand, built from a Rubbermaid roughneck and built WAY cheaper than anything I could buy. :)
  10. just one, my signature links to the grow where u can see the tent and the setup...very simple with just the necessary though.
  11. :wave: I had the secret jardin DR120 and the zip broke :( it also wasn't 100% light proof.

    I know another grower on here who used a different brand and her tent turned up with a broken zip, velcro didn't fix it either. I loved my tent for the first 6 months or so, then I hated it :mad:. I use the frame for my new flowering area and ude the tent to line my veggy cab :smoking:
  12. i missed this lol

    i think im going for
    DARK ROOM STREET DRS 80X80X160 GROW TENT,HYDROPONICS, on eBay (end time 31-May-10 16:21:15 BST)

    anythings better then the clost im using lol

  13. 250hps and 100w of cfls as sup lighting
  14. Nice sounds sweet, did u get your tent yet? So do u rekon that your gonna have height problems? how many are you plannin or did i over read that? lol
  15. im planning on 3-4 plants, and heightwise should be good. my current grow space is 40x75x140 in height so with the tent im gaining an extra 20cms in the height and double the width so its alot better lol

    HopEfully give me a better next grow
  16. and should come tomorro lol
  17. a lot is two words, even in england :p

    if I had that tent, I would get a 600W and grow 6.
  18. a 600 would be amazing lol but thats for another day.

    Im digging the 250 tho, makes a massive difference to cfls lol ALOT of difference =P

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