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Grow tent size

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Chamonix, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. I have a closet space i plan on using for a grow area. I have a 24 inch depth (barely) 60 inch height and a fair amount of width.

    My goal is to harvest 2-3 ounces per month with up to 4 plants growing (canada laws). Goals are super stealth and likely soil for simplicity. I would be doing a scrog.

    I was looking at getting a 400w hps/mh and doing 2 plants in the vwg/flower chamber. When they are ready, i would take a clone from each and start 2 new plants. I would flower my existing, harvest and rotate in the clones. This way the clone box becomes the drying area and so on.

    I was thinking of a 2x4x5 tent, with a 4 inch inline outside the box pulling air though a carbon filter attached to a hooded hps/mh. This was i can free up what precious little space i have on top of the box. That being said i need to find a very quiet fan, and how to build this setup. The clone box is easy as i would likely use a converted dresser or something with flourescents, but i am stuck on the tent.
  2. You're going to have all that in your 2' closet? Or do you mean the tents will be outside of it?

    A 2'x4'x5' space will be far better with two lights as they can't be super powerful because you don't have enough height and they need to span the 4' width. Two lights each covering 2'x2' works well. Or go for a long narrow LED panel
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  3. I converted my wooden "night stand" into a clone box . If you're getting a 4x2 I would also suggest either 2 lights or one long light. Quantum boards would be perfect. Specifically either the 260 xl or 2 160s . Depends if you plan on growing different strains or the same. The V2 qb will also help keep your temp down.
  4. One four board qb120 build from amazon will be perfect. 240 watts in 3000k for flowering a scrog. No heat sinks required, and you can mount the drivers outside of the tent for even more heat reduction. Heres one of mine. It’s about 28”x36” single plant scrog

    25A17F96-A5D3-4C9C-9A08-9F6380A7D53E.jpeg 613DBC7F-102A-49B4-8B4D-CDA262255CB2.jpeg
  5. 4x qb120’s is a damn good light for that space. Nice build — what did you choose for your driver?

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  6. HLG-240H-C2100A.

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