grow tent light question!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by mroso408, May 9, 2011.

  1. i got a 32x32x63 grow tent my question is "would a 400w hps light be perfect for this size tent or a 250w hps light.....
  2. Some people put 600w HPS in a tent like that. I say, as long as you can deal with the heat appropriately, go as big as you can. 400w would be perfect in there.
  3. cool thank u
  4. I got something about the same size, look into a dimmable ballast. A 600w unit is roughly 50 bucks more than the non-dimmable one, and you can turn it down to 450w, 300w or 150w. Thus giving you flexibility as your plants progress, or you need to fine tune due to the elements around you.
  5. where would find a ballast that is dimmable for that price?
  6. 32x32x62 what....inches?
  7. ya inches

  8. I have that same size tent and use a 400w HPS Tube.

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