Grow tent inside "stuffy" room (1st TIME GROW)

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  1. Hello all!

    I'm in need of some solid advice for my first time grow. I have a 3x3x7 tent setup inside of a room that gets pretty stuffy due to it being in the back of the house. I can get decent airflow in the room but it stays slightly warmer than the rest of the house unless I have several fans on within the room. My main question is will my tent be alright inside of that room or should I relocate.

    But this is my first grow so I might as well go all out and seek any advice I can get-

    Inside of my 3x3x7 tent I have an Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w 12-band LED. I'm planning on using FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil along with their trio (Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom) of nutrients. I'm going to put an inch or two of FoxFarms Happy Frog soil ontop (heard somewhere that it's a less harsh soil for early plants) My potting idea is to start them in a clear plastic cup that would be inside a red solo cup (leak tray, light shield). Then my plan is to move that to a 3 gal pot and then finally to a 5 gal fabric pot.

    I'm looking for all/any advice. Thank you and good day
  2. Stuffy back of the house ...implies high humidity..?

    I'd be searching for a better grow location

    with FFOF soil I prefer to add 25% perlite

    to improve draining and root compaction

    the use of happy frog to top dress is a waste

    I'd mix in some extra perlite with the germing mix maybe 60/40 perlite

    FFOF is a hot soil...lots of nute

    often growers use it for 2-3 grows with little addition

    good luck
  3. I'm not too sure about the temps and humidity without any variables.. I am going to have to do a lot of recording and changing the factors. But I do live in a desert climate. Thank you for the perlite suggestion- I will do that!
  4. you need a portable a/c in the room. Problems gone. Start planting.
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  5. You can pick up one at home depot for 159$
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  6. what about a swamp cooler?? would bring down temps + add some humidity... Maybe too much though.. thoughts?
  7. no swamp cooler. easy to add humidity if needed. don't go swamp cooler IMHO
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  9. if you are in calif dessert area I have a lightly used 10000BTU LG portable for $200. Too much $ to ship
  10. 2-3 weeks in a solo cup, another 2-3 weeks in a 3 gallon then off the the 5 gallon.

    *2-3 weeks until root bound if there growing okay
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  11. thank you so much!!! Rest I am still VERY concerned if my light will be enough to grow 3 plants in my tent! Will I have an issue with that 150w LED?

  12. it isnt enough for 3 plants--sorry
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  13. Ya that light is botique candy only idiots would buy. Its 87 watts max (hence the candy as you'd be buying like to illuminate you plants) you could get a mars hydro( reputable brand in this forum) 300 (idk the exact wattage but around 130watts) for roughly $60 and they are good for one plant through flower yeilds going about 2-4 Oz
  14. With LED your wanting to look for about 30-50+ watts a square foot so for the average 2x4 tent you want to look at 240-400watts to fill it out good. Aswell the more lights the better as there would be more of a even spread. And if the canopy gets uneven then instead of raising or tilting the light you can simply raise them independently
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  15. Even with the "full-spectrum lighting" it won't be enough for 3 or 2 plants in the 3x3x7? bummer... I'm going have to get that refund then haha! Could you guys give me some lighting suggestions for this operation? It doesn't have to be LED (only reason I chose LED is the "one item purchase" idea) (couldn't find light stands)
    Sorry to ask this of you guys, I'm a n00b
  16. 2-3 weeks in a cup?!?!?! That is too long. 10 days it should be overflowing the cup.
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  17. Full spectrum is just that spectrum.

    Wattage is what you need( actually ppfd and umols but that is getting deep into sience)

    Didn't realise you bought the light and didn't mean to cuase offence, but for someone that is up on led tech 87watts for $230 is rape no matter how one looks at it.

    For the 3x3 ( 9sq/ft) it'd be best between,

    270-450watts led (30-50+ W sq/ft)
    Or for hid, MH/HPS, a 400 -600watts

    I did 400watts in a 4x4 tent last run and got just about 9 Oz from that. I had 5 plants in the tent occasionally rotating them closer to further from the light coverage. And they were veged for 2 months before flower was initiated.
  18. Personally for clones yes that is to long in a solo cup, but from seedling it all pends... Leaning more towards the 2 week mark..

    But for myself I'm using year old t5 bulbs so growth can be a little lack most days
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  19. Nono no offense taken man haha! I appreciate all of you giving comments and advice.

    So this LED light isn't good- why would they have this as a selling point?
    • 250w HPS replacement with 45ft x 35ft coverage at 18" height PERFECT for tight, compact applications!
    I guess it's just to get people to buy it right? Oh well you learn from mistakes. If anyone could be so kind as to set up a list of things I would need for my lighting situation? I'm back to level 0 with lighting- I just set up my ducting too which is a shame haha. Add on another week or two
  20. All in the description, they use 50 3watt diodes giving "150watts" of potential power. But with LED's 1, running them at full power isn't bad, but it shortens their life. Making it potentially costly for the manufacturer on warranty. 2 most manufacturers bass the light( market the light) as what the diodes can handle and bass their claims as if the led were receiving full power. When in fact they cheaped out on the driver

    As for me I can't comment any further because I skipped the sherad and built my own LED lights using cobs. Not cheap once all said and done but they kill it in the tent.

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