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grow tent cooling problem

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by drummersince99, Jan 22, 2009.

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    i have had a few successful crops in the last 2 years. cooling has always been a problem but i could get by with temps of around 80-90f. i have my 3.5x3.5x6.5ft grow tent in my garage which is attached to my apartment. i have 2 of these http://www.hydroasis.com/hy/productdetail.aspx?id=1882&product=4”-active-air-in-line-fan-144-cfm
    one is the intake the other is the exhaust. the intake and exhaust run across the bulb and now flow directly out the side holes, not with the turns it has in the pic.
    my setup is different from my pics below, i would get new pics but my camera broke. i have a 600w HPS and i currently have an ebb and flow system. there is also an oscillating fan in the tent to.
    the garage temp is about 50-60f during the day and gets to around 40f at night. currently the tent is at 90-100 when the light is on. i am currently on a budget so i cant pay much more then $200. i also have a friend who wants to buy my fans for $130 total.

    would a higher cfm intake and exhaust cool the tent enough? and how much would i need? i couldnt find an ac that would work in this set up and i know swamp coolers put off way to much humidity.

  2. if you can try to take the bends out of the ducting, corners really reduce air flow.
  3. No clue unfortunately. I was looking up small ac for some other reason long forgotten, and held on to that link because it was the smallest I could find. You never know when something like that might be useful for a grow tho, so I thought I'd share.
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    My question for you is............the light your using, it there a glass shield in the hood? Meaning is it sealed it you wanted to use Co2 supplementation with out gas being extracted from you exhaust fans? Reason I ask is I use a 600w cool tube and have it hooked up to 6in duct lines with maybe a 150-200cfm inline fan i think that i bought from home depot. My temps maybe raise 4-6 degrees at the most when the light is on. I operate in a 4x4x6.5 self constructed grow room. Never any heat issues because the cool tube is completely self contained... Thats why I ask about your hood, is it self contained and if it isnt i would say thats 90% of your problem.
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    yea i actually dont have a hood lens. is there a place i can buy a lens? or maybe get one cut for it? my hood has a slot to slide one in
  6. i figured it did, I would say take some measurements and head to your local hardware store and have a piece cut..Usually really cheap but be sure to tell them it needs to with stand high heat, reg. glass would probably crack so you will need a high tampered glass I believe. good luck and I guarantee that will fix your problem.;)
  7. Also if your ballast is a coil/magnetic type I would strongly suggest putting it out side the tent on a shelve (not the floor) and running the power cord threw an opening. Just touching those type of ballast and you know they are wacking off some serious heat.
  8. yea i keep my ballast outside my tent on a toolbox. it doesnt have the cover for it, i can feel the heat right next to it. thanks for the help i will be going to home depot tomorrow. ill report back with results on the temp difference
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    i got a sheet of glass at home depot for $7 and cut it to size. i also picked up a 4" 125cfm active air inline fan. it lowered the temp about 10 degrees f down to 80f. thanks for the help \t:smoking:
  10. Alot of people use a fan for exhaust, and leave the intakes passive. Mine's that way. I have about 50-60 cubic feet worth of tent and I run 147cfm exhaust out the top where it's hot and let the air come in passively from the bottom near the floor where it's cooler. When I close the tent it pulls in the walls a bit and you can see that the little flaps on the intake vents are moving fast.

    I keep my apartment about 72 degrees, and inside the tent w/ the 400w hps (cooltube) running it stays under 80. Also I cool the tube by pulling air from the outside through a duct, then through the tube and back out another duct w/ a booster fan running about 90ish cfms and it stays cool to the touch.

    Hope this helps sir.

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