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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smoked3, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I have a 250 watt MH/HPS light from htg that I got for pretty cheap. I have used this light in my closet before, and the temps got really hot. They ranged anywhere from 90 to 105F. Now I have a grow lab 80 tent, and I want to use the same light, but wanted some advice on cooling. this is the light HTG Supply - HTGSupply Ultimate 250w HPS & MH Grow Light

    Wonder if it will just be fine to have an intake and exaust withought worrying about the light. if so what should I use for fans? Dont know if pc fans or something will work. I havent actually got the tent yet, but its ordered and on the way. Any advice is appreciated.:smoke:
  2. So the hood has no holes for ducting? If not, All I can suggest if you are trying to save money like me is to cool the room outside of the tent. That way the air you pull into the tent is cooled, and the air you exhaust is warm. I am having temp. issues also, and am going to invest in a portable ac unit. Ill set it near my intake fan so that it pulls in the cooled air. Fans do not cool. They only move air around. There are of course a numbere of other options, but buying a small portable ac unit for the room in which you are growing seems like the best and easiest way to do it for me.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I would think that by cooling the room with an ac would actually be loosing money being that they are high in wattage. So in a longer run I think it would cos you much more. I think Im going to try to get a exaust fan and see if I can create like a vacuum effect type of thing.
  4. You needan inline fan. Get a decent 4" inline fan and you will be fine, assuming ambient temps outside of the tent are low enough.
  5. I'm sure the electric bill will go up a bit, but I'm just talking a small portable unit. I already have a 6" exhaust fan as well. But unless you are blowing the air to a separate space, you will only warm the air outside of the tent which is also the air you are pulling in. Cooling the air outside of the tent is the best bet.

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