Grow starting by end of week! Help w/ loose ends!

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  1. Hey all I've got a smaller grow just about to start but I have two problems. First one is I have a front facing and opening door and there is a small crack between the hinges and the cabinet itself. All together maybe a 1/4 inch gap. I have heard references to a cover of some kind that starts with an m? Supposed to have Velcro tags on it to stick it in there. I would also be open to any DIY ideas it whatever to help seal the front door up from the inside.

    Second question is I have two 120mm fans on a 12v adapter. However I wanna turn down the power using a fan controller. Only problem is it doesn't say anywhere on any product reviews how their powered. So does anyone know of a brand that is a straight plug in fan controller or one that I could splice my 12v source into it easily and control two fans? Please help quickly before my seedlings come in! Lol thanks again friends. :smoking:

    Ps if you need pics of my set up here's a link to some posts with current pics.
  2. I'd really like to order a control module asap for the fans if anyone could recommend one that I can either plug directly into the wall socket or splice in using my 12v adapter thanks
  3. you could always just under power the fans and use a cell phone charger for the power and i belive the m word you were looking for was mylar or if you have reflective matterial in your cab you could always go to your local home depot type store and you could just pic up that black foam they sell for sealing up drafty doors
  4. Well I'm going to try some of that really thick weather stripping and since the cab has a lock it will pull it close and hopefully get me air tight. Also I know what Mylar is and it was something else mentioned I wanna say mikar panda lining? I dunno I'd have to find it again
  5. Now I understand what ur talking about its the black and white film I have heard good things if u can find it near u and u should let me know how the weather strip works for you
  6. Got the weather stripping on the front door. Used the 90 degree bend option in the lock and it still had trouble clearing it was so tight against the stripping. Used a
    File and filed it down some to accommodate the extra gap and it closes SUPER tight now I'm impressed.
  7. well i am glad to hear that it worked nicely for you how is the light leak then or did that kill the leak
  8. Killed it dead lol getting a hot glue gun tonight to finish up my two light boxes now I just have to touch up paint a few spots, caulk the carbon filter in place and find some way to turn down my fan speeds inside of the cab to reduce the noise. My soil and nutes are very close to my house should be arriving any day then seeds shortly behind!
  9. Are the fans just pc fans if so cell phone chargers work great
  10. @xxxjailbait420 - thats quite inventive - the phone charger has a step down transformer inside - nice thinking
  11. you could run loads of little dc fans that way :)

    does anyone know the benefits of running dc?

    Edison swore by it lol...
  12. Thanks but ya I use them for pc fans in my cab it makes life so much easierr and the fan runs longer since it aint at full bore
  13. As long as the fans are made to be variable speed, you could just use a cheap pontentiomter to control fan speed. Any radio shack should have them.
  14. [quote name='"Noam Chongsky"']you could run loads of little dc fans that way :)

    does anyone know the benefits of running dc?

    Edison swore by it lol...[/quote]

    There is no real benefit of running dc. One half decent fan will work better than a bunch of rigged computer fans.

    Yes he did, and the shortcomings of dc in regards to scalability are the reason we use Tesla's a/c.
  15. yeah i like you joker865

    a little repsies from the Noam
  16. Those pc fans are cheap and dont raise the power bill but pennies a day I think
  17. just opened up an old PC tower and there's FANS EVERYWHERE!

    Most computer fans will have bearings which make em quiet and cheap - i think its a brilliant idea - no electrocutions either so you COULD have a fan inside/underneath pointing up through; the plants canopy.

    But what about us and our many fans??
  18. I was running 5 until I got a desk fan and replaced all but 2
  19. I saw brand new 10" oscillating desk fans going for £5 the other day - thats something like $3
  20. What are you converting your pounds to? Shouldnt it b like $8.

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