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  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering what you guys think about this grow setup for indoors, the website does not list the exact dimensions of this specific model but based by looks do you think it's too small to have a good yield for having a mother plant and flowering the clones???

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  2. i'd say youd b good for about 3 full grown plants, maybe consider using an lst method to save space
  3. Thanks for the response. You don't think if I had a mother plant on the right then had like 10 clones on the left and did a week or two of veg growth then just flowered it wouldnt be short/dense? I do plan on using White Rhino as my strain

    EDIT --- What do you mean by lst method?
  4. the cloning part would probably be a good idea for the left side, but as for the right side your probably gunna wanna be able to adjust the light vertically for plant height. The left side looks perfect because of the lights on the sides, and lst is a method were you tie ur plant down and bend it into a spiral form so as to achieve a higher yield, thers a link to a thread about it here
  5. hey thanks, yeah I had planned on using the right chamber for the mother and the left chamber for the clones

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