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  1. I just bought a house and want to set up a indoor garden. The room i am going to use is 10 x 10 with 8 ' ceilings. and average closet. I want to set up the closet as a clone/Mother station and split the bedroom into a veg and flower section. How much of he room should be flower ? how much veg? How many plants can i fit? Thanks for the input
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    These questions are like water. :)

    I've got an idea that'll help you figure all that out for yourself, and balance your grow room to fit your needs. Everybody's room's gotta fit their own style. Everybody grows differently, and on different timetables.

    Ask yourself:

    How many plants do you want.
    How many in bloom?
    Figure out a harvesting schedule.
    What strain to grow (regarding plant size)
    What grow style to use (SOG, SCROG, LST, Trellis, Centrifugal, etc.)
    Count space for mothers?
    Count space for clones.
    Consider space for bloomers
    Consider space for curing
    Consider Lighting Equipment
    Heat production
    Support structure
    Air Insulation
    Light Insulation
    Heat Insulation

    Sometimes, not all these can be answered at once. Time can change your mind and your skills may change your needs. Environmental issues also affect your world. Unless you've seen and tested these things, you'll need to figure them out as you go.

    A good way to start...
    Black Painters Plaster
    8X4' foam insulation boards
    Black (Gorilla) Duct Take

    Cover the edges of the foam board with the plastic, tape to secure. Losely, you want a rounded "puff" around the border. They have a reflective side built in, which works half as well as mylar, but better than nothing!

    Cut boards to create walls that fit between your ceiling and floor, wide as you want them.

    Place the boards together and move around until you find what fits your system. Tape the seams between walls (and your house wall and ceiling for temporary placement while you're brainstorming) or use 2"x2"x8' wood beams screwed to the ceiling to create anchors for your walls.

    Benefit of this trick is if you need to knock down the rooms in a takes one swift kick. And you can play "what about this..." while you figure out how you want it.

    You can see how I had it set up while I flexed my rooms around.

    Good luck to you.
  3. I would like 30 Flowering always. I was thinking 3 mothers in the closet with 2 or 3 rows of clones above , spiting the room 65% flower and 35 % veg??? so that would be 10 x 6'6" for flower and 3'6" x 10 for veg. Is this enough room for what i want. And what combo of lights should i use.
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    There's prob no way you're ever gonna get your spaces completely light proof and still be able to utilize all of it for plants. And honestly if you're keeping mums there's no need for such a large veg area, cause you'll prob be taking cuttings, rooting them, then vegging them for what 2 weeks maybe and then going into flower. I would do a 7x8 flower room and a 3x5 veg room. That'll leave you plenty of space to move about and work. If you start to flower your clones small then 7x8 is plenty big for 30 plants, you could fit in at least 40. I would go the 40 route set to harvest 10 every 2 weeks; a perpertual grow with 10 rooting, 10 vegging, 10 beginning to flower, 20 at various stages in the middle of flowering, and 10 ripening for harvest continuously.

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