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  1. Hi Grasscity I am thinking about growing in my closet and have some questions. First of all the space is about 3' high by 2' wide and a little bit over a foot deep. I am thinking about growing one or maybe two plants in this space but I am not sure about ventilation, more specifically if its necessary and if so to what extent. I'm also wondering about how much my room might smell from the plant(s) in my closet (obviously it changes with strains) and if I might be able to take care of that with incense or if I'm gonna have to spend some money on that aspect. Finally I am also not sure of my lighting situation like how much wattage ill need and what kind of lights, or if I'll need two kind of lights. Overall I would like to keep things as minimal as possible. I also have no Idea what hormones and stuff like that to get or if I should get any at all. I also don't know whether I should use LST or if I should gain experience first and try it with my next plant or something. I'm sure I will run into more problems along the way but for now this is what I'm wondering, maybe now I'll have the answers.
  2. Ok well in you're space you won't want more than one plant, use an odour sock or something, or just get some ona odour block. As for lighting you're going to want a dual spec 150watt bulb that will see you from sprout to harvest. You will need nutes but are you going hydro or soil?
  3. I'm going soil, sorry forgot to mention that. The nutes idk anything about, but how many of those lights would I need and how close should I keep them to the plant?
  4. I also need to be pretty discrete because I live with my parents and they would flip out lol
  5. Well if you can get a dual spec 200 watt cfl this will ensure fast growth and you will only need one, I would consider swc if i were you though man it would probably take up less room than soil also.
  6. with cfls you can have them just a couple of inches away from your plant, personally i dont like 1 bulb for 1 plant, i prefer many bulbs for 1 plant because then you can cover all the leaves
  7. Cork has a good point about light coverage but in you're space you need to save as much as possible, definatly lst it or maybe even a mini scrogg. Either way you will need to go 12/12 from seed i think.
  8. wats the advantage of 12/12 from seed?
  9. He only has 3 feet so 12/12 from seed would mean he could keep the plants small.
  10. Personally I would do a mini-SCRoG with a 150w HPS.

    You'll have minimal heat issues and you'll be able to pull at least a few ounces. (No cutting holes in the walls or anything as long as you can remote mount the ballast. PM me if you can't find those instructions)

    You'll also want to have a small coffee can charcol air-scrubber going unless you pick a really non-stinky strain.

    You're living with your parents? Gah! I would definitely reconsider this and pick it up again when you have some other place to do it. Have you considered growing outdoors next year?
  11. For real. Not worth the risk. What they either a) find out and kick you out of the house or b) you blab and get caught, then they go to jail :(
  12. I have thought about outdoors for next year but I wanted to get a jumpstart as well and im going to college next year so I could just indoor then
  13. Or C, you have a smell problem, your neighbor calls the cops and your parents get pissed because the cops find their MDMA Lab in the basement that you were unaware of!

    Seriously... You only have one set of parents and, if you're lucky, they're on YOUR side. Trust them and Respect them and the rules of their house.

    College sounds like a great place. I highly recommend building a small 150Watt HPS stealth grow. Pull yourself 3+ ounces of some killer medical every 2 months :)

    Just be sure you get your seeds BEFORE you head out to college :) That way you're starting with kick-ass genetics and don't have to wait for the mail system. LOL

    Grow On! :)

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