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  1. Hi Y'all

    I have a heat problem. It has me very confused.

    10x10 room w/2x 1000 watt blockbuster hoods and two double ended nanolux fixtures. Have only been able to get double ended units up to 60%. Temps run up to 88 from a 73 degree room. Shouldn't 14k AC be up for the job. What am I missing?

    The hoods are air cooled from attic to attic.

    Again, the room has a 14k BTU AC. The simple solution is mini split, which is the likely outcome. I just feel like my current AC should be able to handle. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Why don't you just run a sealed room with co2 instead of dumping money into a better a/c system?
  3. Room is "sealed" besides the air cooled lights.

    How does sealed room= Management of heat without A/C?
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    Because managing your co2 allows you to run higher temps.

    Edit: never said anything about "without a/c"
  5. I have co2 just not set up. Still in vege, while trying to diagnose the heat issue. I want my room at 76-79, and currently it is 81 with my two double ended fixtures running at 75%.

    Ready to go into bloom as soon as I remedy the problem.
  6. Best of luck :bongin:
  7. Your main problem is you're sucking air from the attic through your lights back into your attic which means you're just recycling hot air through your lights you need to suck air from a different room are suck air from your attic and vented outside that will drop the temperature of your lights and give you a cooler room don't listen to people about CO2 making your plants handle heat more even with CO2 you want a coldrolled I've been doing this for about 20 years the colder the room the better re-bench your lights if you have anymore questions just message me on my profile because 90% of people on here do not know what they're talking about

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  8. like mad ganja said, you need a fresh air intake
  9. Thanks Mad Ganja. I will PM you.
  10. Fresh air will help, if you cant manage that you can always go the Vapor Pressure Deficit route and raise your humidity up to match. The orange boxes are the ideal spots


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