Grow Room Hitting 45 Degrees Celsius

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brainfucked, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. is this a major problem? I don't have any ventilation and I have a 700watt led in my cupboard. if I get a few fans will it even make a difference?

  2. I have a carbon filter which wasn't on. ive just turned it on though and ill see what it does to the temp. whats the max it should be in there?
  3. Yikes! That converts to 113 degrees F. Optimal temps are 75 to 85 F. which is about 24 to 30 celsius. Air flow will help some, but LED's should not be that hot. You really need to get those temps down.
  4. YES it is a major problem.  You NEEEEEEEEEEEED ventilation.  You need fresh cool air being drawn into your growspace and also expelled at the same rate.  You should be able to change all of the air in the room every 5 minutes.  Simple math.  I have no clue how many cubic feet your cupboard is.
  5. my cupboard is 3ft x 4ft and 6ft high. ive got one 700watt led light and a rhino pro carbon filter with 4" fan leading out into loft. the seedlings only sprouted this morning and that's why I only noticed how high the temp was today
  6. anything higher than 26C is not ideal unless you have CO2 supplementation you can push it a bit higher.
    What about fresh air intake?  You should have a 4" fan equal CFM to the exhaust to bring fresh air in, or at least a large passive intake.
    What is the temperature in the room which the cupboard is in?
  8. ive got no intake. and my bedroom is 21-30
  9. Well, you're fucked lmao
  10. Well the room temperatures are acceptable so all you have to do is keep air moving through that box at a good rate and it should cool itself off.  If you can't get a fan for intake you need to at least leave the cupboard open a crack for fresh air to get in.
  11. ive just opened it for the moment im gonna get have to sort out some ventilation tomorrow ill get a fan leading from my dads room then through the loft and straight into my cupboard. cheers for the help
  12. this is my first grow as you probably guessed. where is the best place to have the end of my ducting in my cupboard. (the one venting cool air in) the top middle or bottom?
    I like to keep intake at floor level and exhaust near the roof of the grow room/cabinet.  Cold air sinks and hot air rises.
  14. okay mate thanks for the help

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