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  1. Here is an 18ft x 36 ft room design with a seedling and veg space of 6ft x 18ft and a blooming area of 12ft x 18 ft. Where the "B" door is there is a swinging shelf with a door hidden behind it. The shelf in room "D" has four tiers with two flouro 40 watts x2 bulbs on each of the four shelves. The very bottom shelf houses a 400 watt MH horizontal light for vegging. There is a 6ft x 6ft space under the light that is 4ft high. Also in the veg area are the main breakers, timers, pots, soil, fert supplies. All the walls are covered with Mylar. An oven hood with fan sits at the top of the shelving unit and draws hot rising air out. Passive vents are used in the room for intake. A digitally controlled oscillating fan/heater is also in the room plugged into a computer UPS system in case of power failure. In the budding room there is a single roof mounted fan with passive vents cut near the roof and near the base of the floor. Installed here are 6 x 1000watt HPS lights all on individual circuits and timers. The lights are placed in a circle pattern. One in the middle and 5 around it. They come on in different sequences and positions. Never more than 3 lights running at one time.

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  2. Man, that's gonna be the General Motors of growrooms. Productivity being the key. Well, one of the keys anyway...
  3. thaTS A GOOD SPOT IF I HAVE EVER SEEN ONE, aw fuck sorry about the caps, the best spot that i saw was a room thats door was a wall with a fake fireplace, it was in my g-ma's house so it wasn't a growroom.
  4. What program did you use to make that drawing? looks kind of like rhino
  5. This is What i was thinking of doing in my room.

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  6. yea..well done BC ! :D
  7. Can I ask what program did you use to make the pictures I would like to do that


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  8. do you have to pay for it or is there a free one

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  9. you have to pay. Its around $800
  10. damn i thought you were joking its $895 to buy it
  11. that is insane 895$ thats an awsom grow room right there man no way i id'e be spendin that much but im a cheap as can be lol i bitch when my dealer is like 2 points of the scale lol:)
  12. you can download a free version off the site but it only saves 25 times. if you can prove that your a student you can get it for $150.:D

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