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  1. whats up fellow somkers!! i'm new at growing so help me out.i need a visual plan on growing n a closet.i've been 2 alot of other websites and got alot of instruction on what 2 use and how long i would take.i just want 2 b sure that i get it rite the first if any1 can,send me some ideas that have been sucessfully done and also if i use a 1000 watt lite will that rise up my elect. bill and what about the yeild from that wattage?????
  2. you need a good light like a hps or mh if u dont want to go big u can use flo u need 50 watts for every square feet ventulation lick good fans computer or micro wave fans will do u need 1 fan to have the air flowing in the room and a nother to get the air out the room go with 5 gallon buckets then u never have to transplant the best coloer for the wall is withe lots of people think aluminam is good but it really is not and ya it will put a little dent in the light bill a 1k light will cost about 30 to 40 $ a month for 24hours a day worth of light but the best thing to do is 18 hours to give the plant a brack then after 2 1/2 months later put it to 12 hours good luck hope it works out
  3. What would be the size of the grow area? 1000W light can put out a fair bit of heat as well as lumens. Indoors you can basically light anything from 24 to 18 hrs depends on your circumstances. But do need to know area ok.
  4. u need 50watts for every square feet just about
  5. with a 4 foot ballist with 2 50 watt floruos in it ,,,,,,how many plants can you grow??????
  6. my room is about many plants will it be able 2 hold and how many 1k lights will i need 4 r fill the room?
  7. watts arent the thing u need to measure, i thought it was lumons or w/e Loumons..err Lumouns err somethin like that i forgot how to spell it or say it or if thats even rite but i think it is hehe i love me so much

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