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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by skeptikal, May 15, 2006.

  1. Ok heres the deal:

    I am transplanting my plants into my plot this week probably later this week but, the soil isnt very good (kinda clay wit rocks) but, I have about three(3) bags of potting soil that I was going to lay on top of the soil and then jus plant my plants in it an let them live in the good soil an make there way to the not so good soil...This place is probbaly 6 x 6 feet length and width and im planning on putting four(4) to five(5) plants in this with chicken wire around it (noone goes up there its up a hill on a flat wooded area)...Would this work? Also, im going to cover the soil wit a little leaves an grass just to blend it in... Also, how big should I have my plants before they go into my plot? Three of mine are about two(2) inches and the others jus sprouted this past week....

    Sorry for such the long post but, I need help!

    Also my neighbor down the road has a compost pile and says I can use it!! Should I use it?

  2. For each marijuana plant, you'll need a hole about 4 feet deep and 4 feet wide. Mix in that potting soil with that compost. You'll need alot more dirt.
  3. Hey Litew8stoner -

    That sounds a bit big for each plant to have that much grow space.... It will work fine but way to much work to make a grow patch that is 4 feet deep and 4 foot square.

    For my outdoor grow --> My holes in the ground are 2 feet deep and 18 inches square. Last summer my plants were well over 6 feet tall and so big I could not get my arms around them. Yield was about 5oz to 6oz per plant. I mixed compost, potting soil, & the dirt from the holes I dug in equal amounts. ( 1/3 of each ) and it worked well for me..... Just my 2 cents!

    Kisses -
  4. Dig out a big patch and mix the soil with the original soil and water it heavily for a while before you plant so that it all mixes well. Then it should be finely conditioned for planting seedlings.
  5. i agree, this is what im doing this year.
    my grow is only 5 days old and i will transplant when they are sexed, put the females in the ground of mixed up soil and get shot of the males. id advise the same. you shouldnt plant in the ground untill theyve been sexed
  6. ok, thanks for everything guys...

    what im going to do is since its raining right now im going to go outside and dig the hole and mix the soil and dirt all togehter so the rain makes it go together good...does rocks an sum clay affect the plant growth??

  7. Basic Gardening 101,,,,Never work wet ground! You will end up with a big clodd pile.
  8. ^^Thanks what I did last night I went up there an just put the good soil bags around there an the other soil and ill mix it this weekend when its suppose to be around 65-70 degree temps right now I have 3 plants that are 2 weeks old and 9 more that just sprouted so I need to get this done soon just the damn rain keeps me everything back...
  9. Yes, looks like a good grow beginning. Good Luck.

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