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  1. New to this forum so don't hate please. I just want a list of supplies and prices needed for a legit grow operation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi most grow shops have bundles that will give you an idea of what you roughly need and an idea of cost.

    Also the cost can vary a lot depending on where you grow, tent, closet or a dedicated room.

    If you were a little more specific I'm sure it would be easier to answer your question
  3. Oh okay, well my older brother is moving out in a couple months which leaves his room,closet, and bathroom completely empty. What would be the best use of this space to grow?
  4. You need to give more info. What size room? Where within home? Climate? Types of systems you feel comfortable with? What do you consider legit? Budget? Concerns? Etc, etc, etc?

    I'm way too new to this to give you what you want to know, but I have been learning/creating my grow area for about a month. That time has given me enough info to say that the possibilities are endless and each system has its' pros and such thing as the perfect setup.

    My set up is currently a DIY bubble cloner, and a DIY Aeroponics system. This is set up on two different levels in a good sized laundry closet. The walls are covered in mylar and I made weighted blackout curtains for each area. The clone/baby area has a couple of HO CFL grow lights I took from my mother's house (since she isn't currently using them), the larger area has a 4' 4 bulb T5 unit. I plan to move my aeroponics system to a veg area within a few harvests and do something a bit different for my flower area, but I haven't decided what yet. I will flower using the screen of green method b/c I don't have a lot of vertical room and I like the theory of this setup a bit better than sog. I also plan to invest in some high quality leds soon.

    MANY people here won't like my set up, especially my lighting. HPS/MH lights are the industry standard and they are a much cheaper initial investment than issue is heat. I live in Texas. Outdoor is a "no go" and it seems my a/c has a hard enough time with our summers without dealing with the massive heat those lights create.

    Bottom line, you are going to have to do more research on your own to figure out what is best for you.....don't ask a stranger who knows nothing of your individual needs to create a check list for you....sorry, it just isn't that easy.
  5. Your older brother's bedroom? My first thought is what do your parents think of this? Security of set up is a BIG deal. And budget is a big deal I've seen setups on here for as little as $400 and as much as $150k.
  6. There are 1000 of ways to go about this though and it should always start with reading or watching guides and seeing how other people did it and find something that suits you.

    When I decided to begin growing I watched thw jorge cervantes dvds which gave me Some ideas in how to approach starting a grow up. also you can follow grow journals on here and youtube
  7. I only live with my mom, and she is about as chill as parents come. She knows that my friends and I smoke, and she would rather us do it in a safe place (my house)
  8. It's one thing to smoke and another to grow. My little closet could put me in jail for at least two's a felony. Rule #1, if it isn't a legal grow....tell NO ONE...not your buddies, nobody.
    Other than that, you need to do more research on your own. Fattard is right, Jorge Cervantes has some great material. On the freebie end of things, I think a user named "Hobbes" on rollitup is brilliant. But I can't seem to register to the site. Here is his set up:
    New Growers needed for Grow Lab study. Goal: 2.5 grams cured bud per watt HPS
    He lives in a different climate than I do and I have other limitations that make it not work just right for me, but there is some good info.
    Some of these growers really know their shit, but don't ask em to design the perfect setup for you. Read about what they are doing and why they like it. Read about all sorts of set ups. Then use the brain that God gave you, and decide what will work for you. Chances are you will change your set up from time to time. The only good growers around here do.
  9. Yeah even if you are legit its my understanding you could get busted by the DEA anyway. Tell no one.

    hit up youtube I've spent countless hours on there watching videos by jorge cervantes and the likes a lot of channels on there are dedicated to growing.

    Lurk forums like this there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here and the “collective intelligence“ surpasses even the most experienced of grow authors- and movie directors.

    narrow down what you need, you say you are legit so ill assume you are a medical marijuana patient. What are your needs in terms of dosage and your limitation by law.

    Can you buy clones at a dispensery or do you need a dedicated “room“ to keep up a perpetual grow.

    For now the besy advice you can get from here will be: study more

    Good luck
  10. Either get your mom's consent or don't grow in her house, period.

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