Grow op under the house?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greenberry94, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I have searched a bunch for any info on this idea. I am considering a small grow op underneath my house but I am concerned with a few things.
    First, the last thing I want is my house to burn down.
    Second, I'm not sure how to get a standard electrical outlet under there without a cord trail. Obviously, stealth is very important.
    Third, it's winter. I think the temperature will even out because of the lights, but I dont know. I was thinking about using a rubbermaid grow box to help trap warmth. My local weather has been fluctuating quite a bit, ranging from 32 to 55 degrees F a day, so I dont know if ill be able to maintain the temp.

    I was thinking about using fluoros the whole time because of my first concern. I can deal with a lesser yield if it means my house doesnt burn down. But then there is much less heat to handle my third concern.
  2. You can't just buy a tent and put it in a corner/unused side of your house?
  3. I would do that if I wasnt a social individual. I have friends that come over frequently and dont want anyone at all to see or find out about it.
  4. What about in a closet in a room? You can lock the door anytime someone came over.

    I'm just throwing out ideas, because I wouldn't grow under your house
  5. Why not though? Why wouldnt you grow down there?
  6. Is is damp? Mice or other rodents, and bugs could be an issue. If your gonna grow with lights and fans, you should be inside, in a sanitary place.
  7. Not damp, surprisingly dry actually. I'm thinking grow box remember? Bugs would be the only issue, no rodents or other large pests. It would actually be less susceptible to pests than an outdoor grow, because of the box.
  8. You could, but I don't recommend you do. Like I said, when using lights, fans, carbon filters, etc. you should be in a sanitary room away from the outside conditions completely.

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