Grow op set ups with questions about "high tech" power timers and remote accessing

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    Hi folks.

    First, I want to give a big THANKS to this website and all the information it has provided. It's also the only 'green' website that gets through the web-screening filters at my work :cool:

    I am a licensed patient in WA and I have been growing about 1-3 plants onand off for over 4 years (very basic set up). Recently, my roommate and I decided to expand and grow (up to) 30 plants, as our recommendations allow up to 15 plants per patient.

    My questions are:

    1) What’s a better grow set up option?

    a. one 5’ x 10’ grow room for both Grow/Bloom
    b. one 5’x 4’ for Grow + one 5’ x 6’ for Bloom
    c. or whatever you think is better than the abovementioned…just remember, I'm limited to a 5' x 10' space

    2) Is there a digital timer (for power) on the market thatI can operate remotely? I like the idea of having digital timers, but I would like something that can be linked to a dedicated grow-op laptop. If I can control it with a computer, then I can remote access it anywhere in the world. Has anyone done this?

    3) Lastly, is there a device that monitors your humidity/temperature AND puts that data into a computer - which of course, I plan to access remotely for careful monitoring

    So far, my equipment list is as follows:


    two 600W HPS lamps- Lumatek is good for 1000W, but right now it’s on 600Wand it has 600W HPS lights in

    two 405W LED blackstar chrome - combined with HPS for flowering.

    2 green lamps, under 100W total – for accessing the grow room when lights are off

    Total Watts and Power Timers

    Between my two 6” fans (110W each) and lighting, I am looking at 2300+ watts (this is of course debatable since the LED’s will probably draw less than ‘405W’ but that's another topic in itself).

    I am open to suggestions, constructive criticism or anything that will help. Thanks!
  2. found this now.. an option for switching power on/off remotely

    [ame=]Power Strip with built-in wireless LAN - iRemoTap #DigInfo - YouTube[/ame]

    has anyone had any luck with something like this, or something else? anyone?
  3. You want the iponic look it up its fucking amazing

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