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    I have uploaded some pics of my first grow, This started as more of a bet between my wife and I, She said if I could grow ANYTHING resembling MJ, she would fund a "proper grow". :smoke:
    Now a few weeks in, she is eating her words! :D

    As I wasn't able to lift soil pots, I went with coco and airpots. It has been a great experience! they seem custom built for the job :yay: In 8 days my small seedlings managed to fill out from root riot cubes and very small seedling pots to a full 3l Airpot.

    This post was really only for an information share, If you have used Airpots NM me, If not and hand water/wilma pots then give them a try :smoke:

    Plants will thank you!
  2. looking great! i might consider giving them a try

  3. My plants are now showing roots all the way round the 10l pots. I have never seen growth like this on my ikkle 250hps.

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  4. im so blazed i read that as "Grow One in Airports". I was like... No way!!

    Haha. have a good day. :wave:
  5. Those side branches are taking off!!!

    It might sound crazy, but if you top all the tall stuff, that plant is going to be ENORMOUS in 2 weeks.

  6. I am not sure my small tent will handle what I have as it is. As this is my first grow, I planted 4 bagseed that I had from the last 15 years of travel.
    I did this in the hope that they would be sound seeds.
    Stuff I have had in bagseed has been rare, skunk type maybe 5 seeds to the oz, other stuff from Malaysia was for sure wild grown and even seeded was a great smoke.

    I'm now at 2 weeks into flower and am facing a crisis, 4 bagseed I planted are now all now showing female, not a ball and a stick in view, checked and double checked all of the plants with loupe.
    From the smell alone from each plant, I'm going 2 Skunk variety and 2 "wild eyed Malaysia travels" type. All very healthy and vigerous and way to much for my space/light.

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  7. Wow dude! They look beautiful!

  8. Thanks mate, Now found I have a total of 6 Ladys under a 250. I'm hoping to borrow a 400hps in the next few days

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  9. lol glad to hear that took me a moment to figure out what your crisis was...i was like...shit seeds 15 years old? flowering? and you saying crisis? lol...totally missed the 250 hps...and now you have 6 ladies? what luck lol

    oh yea jus a lil stoned lol
  10. Totally awesome job dude!! :hello::hello::hello:
  11. hahahahahahaha I saw the same thing and was not blazed!! hahahahahaha
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    Bah rofl Yes I wish i could grow in an airport and yes I really have been keeping seeds from travels and some go back at Least 15 years, kept in a nice mint tin :0)

    @MrsEd, Thanks! I know I must be doing ok as you commented :0). It was yourself and hubby that inspired me to try <3!

    So now I have fitted the 400w I borrowed, Its a grolux bulb and has been used for a season or two, The temps seems the same to me though and again the light doesnt seem to penetrate to the lower part of the tent.

    I'm unable to get a new bulb at the moment as Mrs Azza has said NO :(.

    My new problem is humidity, my space stolen :eek: The wife's laundry room.. Every day I go out to the room its covered in damp :(, anyone got any penny pinching ideas as to how i can combat this?

    thanks all.


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  13. Yep...Ed is indeed an inspiration. :D Where is the dampness in the room? On the outside of the tent, the whole room, etc? As for light penetration, you could always sit a screen down on top of those girls to even it out a bit but it does not look too bad for you light. I have seen far darker depths on grows than yours which did very well.
  14. :wave: MrsEd <3

    Well I have sort of stolen my wife external laundry room, I have all vent windows open and am using a halogen heater rated at 400w for 15 mins per hour. Trouble is with a large family the condening tumble dryer is on alot, pushing warm air into the room. I really think that I need a dehumidifier but my budget is now gone :(

    So short of leaving the blinds open to allow the air to move more freely and get busted, I really have no idea how to keep the moisture down.

    Anyway thanks for looking in my post and helping

  15. Awesome work - I just ordered a bunch of airpots for my next grow so this post has me particularly interested.

    Do you find yourself watering often?

    Also, regarding your humidity issue, I corrected excessive humidity in my cabinet by simply adding 4 low wattage CFL. Went from avg 70 RH to 50 RH instantly.

    Another quick option would be a bunch of those DampRid buckets. I think you'd have to add a ton of them to get excellent results.
  16. You might want to post your specs in the grow room design forum, there are many there that love the challenge who might have a lot of help getting yourself set for the heat and humidity.
  17. Do you have a ventilation system in your room and what % is the humidity at?
  18. Thanks for replies, I have had a few days away at the seaside :0). Amazing how kids don't care if its cold, wet and miserable!

    My room is an insulated external office space that we converted to a laundry room, It is 8ftx10ft with 3 top vented and opened windows, I needed to fit roller blinds to the room for obvious reasons. The tent is set to vent out of one window, with the other 2 open for fresh air.

    Where I live it is 4 seasons in one day, its damp,dry and mostly damp ^^.

    I am now searching about to find a bargain drain to waste dehumidifier, I can't see anything else working as I can take lots and lots of condensation from the 3 windows.

    I'm selling this idea to the missus! I, Like she, wasn't aware that they can dry cloths too. I hate tumble dryers, I can almost feel my money whirring away in a cloud of warm air!

  19. Have you compaired the growth rate of air pots to regular potted plant? I have been reading up on these air pots and what little I have found and read is that the growth rate was increased considerably.
  20. Tplat,In a word, No :p
    This is my first attempt growing, however, I turned to air pots after seeing them in a local garden centre, They supplied young trees and had them in 30l air pots, was impressed by them.. I got them as flat pack! Bonus stealth :D, superoots com will provide the info you need I think.
    As I see it size wise, it took my plants to root out a .5L normal plant container in 2 weeks, I then potted them into coco and 3L air pots and they rooted out the full pots in 7/9 days. Putting the plants into 10L has caused havoc! I am thinking that It's not my great skills growing........

    So lesson learned for me, In a small space I made the mistake of using 10l pots, I think 6.5l ones would have been better from seedling to end. 4 x 6.5l Air pots would for me, well, be manageable. 4 x 10l for me, at least, means bushes, falling over them when hand watering and way beyond my gardening skill lol :bolt:


    Update, dehumidifier has now installed itself into my room. ambient temp 66 and rh 55! 55 is no boast but nor was 80 :hello:

    Posting a little pic, I have been away for a few days holiday, more time than I thought I should when hand watering coco. So tried a "bottom" feed in trays.
    My plants stretched, but love me all the same!

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