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  1. I just wanted ask what kinda of ratio are people using this 3 part. Do you keep it at 1-1-1 that would be where you but the same amount of each GMB in.
    I like the 3 part ive tried all kinds of nutes but the ph perfect 3 part at 1-1-1 is a good base. Now im gonna be tweaking my bloom feed alil less grow or none after 2 weeks im still trying to come up with a system i do have sensi cal i would add a ml or 2 to my 0 ppm ro water.
    See the ph perfect npk's changed and the grow is 1-0-4 i think so it might not be nessary but the bloom by its self to finish till flush is what i had in mind.
  2. What brand? There are several GMB lines.
    Can you provide the npk ca and mg from the labels?

    It may be that no one here uses the GMB you have so you won't get a straight answer. By providing the elemental percentages I can give you some advice on what to use. Also, there is probably a nutrient feeding schedule available for your system that you could follow.
  3. ANs PH perfect i figured its more improved then the standard GMB. I know there is cheaper nute i have tons already Gh lol floraduo is my other base i like. I have plants in like every stage. I know i could get a huge yield but i just harvest a plant every 2 weeks been doing that for 2 years. In coco Ive got meters and water filter the rite air exchange in all now just tweaking NPK
  4. This AN pH Perfect GMB is a solid 3 part base. As far as I can tell it is designed to be used at a 1:1:1 ratio during flowering, at 15ml per gallon, or 4ml/L, for each item like you were saying. They also expect the user to supplement with Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, B52, and Overdrive during flowering.

    I think it is in your best interest to stick with the 1:1:1 and use supplements to get the changes to the EC that you are looking for. The suggested peak EC with this line is only 1.3EC, so I would rely on my measurements first. This would mean trying to keep the solution in the same ratio but probably using less than the 15ml/gallon from each. Maybe more like 10-12ml or so. Could be as little as 5ml/gallon for each for all I know with any new additives to keep the EC in check.

    If you chose to change the base from a 1:1:1 like you are thinking then you'll have to be aware of how those changes impact the performance of the pH perfect effect. To me this system sounds more like a genuine 3-Part than I have ever heard of. 2-Part systems are usually used in equal ratios like this, using as much of part A as part B. Contacting Advanced Nutrients directly to get their opinion on this idea of 1:0:2 might be worth the time and effort. Manufacturers are cool about answering non-cannabis specific questions.

    If you are looking for a lot more control then you might need to get into the General Hydroponics GMB, or into something even fancier like the Nature's Nectar Mono-nutrient line.
  5. If you fancy making your own nutrients from scratch and are confident doing so, go for it.
    But If results are all that matter and you're not just looking to have a mess around or save some money, then making your own nutes from scratch is pointless.

    People make their own nutes up because bottled nutrients, like gourmet food, cost much less to actually make than they do to sell. If you can do it yourself, you can make gallons for a couple of dollars.

    Using a brand like nature's nectar or canna totally defeats the whole point. If you read the product labels and see where they're actually derived from, then find out how much those individual elements are to buy elsewhere, you'll save a lot of cash.
  6. Thanks for da info guys maybe i should just stick with the 1-1+
  7. Thanks for da info guys maybe i should just stick with the 1-1-1 and use pk boost is that what u r saying watcher. I got this urge to get more denser buds thats all and i think cutting nitrogen down mite help too.
  8. Good answer. :smoke:
  9. i'm sorry for being too real at times, not to mention my potty mouth, but is it me or does TW have a hardon for SCMC or what? it looks to me like TW is intimidated by SCMC's knowledge and just needs to learn how ask questions (and listen!) if he really wants to learn something instead of his ridiculas challenges and or comments.
  10. Wouldnt boosting the bloom be a pk boost lol idk ive actualy got big bud n bud blood is my fav it does what it says
  11. To me it looks just like the red state/blue state thing. Both red and blue have the same main objective but both take different routes to achieve the goal. One takes a very scientific type of route with lots of statistics and measurements, the other applies the "two eye test" and analyzes what can be seen. Nothing wrong with either approach, just a matter of preference.
  12. Just let it be guys. Let's move on.
  13. Agreed. Read the bottles, see what AN says about using GMB. They have a nutrient calculator on their site that is really easy to use.
  14. Yea i decided to keep an equal amount of each plus mest bloom. So bout 5ml of each is right around 450 ppm plus 5 ml of the tea which im still waiting on but thats the plan. Hell if u go to there website you might end up buying everything they got lol. I read mest was suppose to go with sensi. So now i exprience both worlds debating on maybe cutting gmb on week 5 and finishing up with the tea. Im growing in coco and mix nutes up daily some need feed everyday some dont.

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