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  1. I planted two seeds in BAS on 12/24.  One Bubblicious autoflower and the other I'm not sure.  I've done three big waterings including the initial one, and I've been spraying the top layer of soil to keep it moist.  I'm keeping the LED lights on 24/7 and the temp stays at 68F.  I have one 2-inch sprout.  It's been 10 days and I'm wondering when I should give up on the other one and plant a new seed.

  2. Which one produced
  3. I use BAS too and I've had no problem but I germinate my seeds first and into a seed starter before they go into the living soil from BAS.
  4. I'm embarassed to say I don't know.  I knew which was which until I pulled them out after watering and forgot to keep track.  Stoner move....
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    Ugh. An auto flower will flower on its own. A photo period one needs the lights to be put at 12 hrs on and 12 off to make the plant switch. So pay attention to how this plant grows. Just keep posting pictures and people will see and help. I will. This is mine all autos.
  6. So you can leave the lights on 24/7 throughout the entire grow if it's an autoflower?
  7. Ask any question. There are no stupid questions. Be very patient. That baby you have will stop growing up top and grow down below so don't worry. Let it be and keep it moist not wet. Autos don't take to transplanting too well. I hope this helped.
    No 18 on 6 off or at the most 20 on 4 off
  8. What is your set up. Lights fans exhaust intake etc.
  9. OK but 24/7 is OK until flower time, right?

    I'm using a PC.  LED lights and computer fans for intake and exhaust.
  10. No don't do that. Plants need time to rest also. After a month change to the 20/4. Or go to the Auto help thread I put up and ask. Loki knows his shit.
  11. What are your temps. You want below 79 and above 74. So 75 to 78 with a 60% humidity or your plant will show distress when it gets older. The leaves will Stat to curl from no moisture. These plants are used to be grown in moist heat. Not too hot. During flower it's opposite. Humidity below 40% and temps from 80 to 83. You don't want mold on your final product. But don't worry about this now. Just keep watering the plant when it needs it. You will want to buy some barley straw multch from BAS for a cover for the soil. It will keep the soil moist longer and keep out some pests.
  12. Any questions you have about BAS soil, message Jeremy the owner using the message system. He will get back to you. They are so busy right now. It's taking a couple days for a response.
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    OK thanks, I'm keeping the temp at 68F so far.
  14. That's too cold. It will be stunted. Bring up your temps to at least 75f. Turn down your exhaust fan to bring up the temps. You want them warm. The roots need to be warmer.
  15. Lights on for 24 hrs until about a month +/- some days, from the time it popped the soil. What wattage is your light and how big is your growing area.
  16. How big are your pots? When did they pop soil? What are you using for water. If using tap let sit out over I ghat to get rid of chlorine. That will kill the good microbes the BAS soil is making.
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    1 gallon pots.  How can I control temp and humidity inside the PC case?
  18. What led brand you using? Maybe put some cfls in there to increase temp.

    Before I installed mars ii 700w my temps in my tent were around high 70's with a 68w cfl and four 23w cfl. Humidity around 50/60%.

    With the new light only, temps are more high mid 80's with 30% RH give or take. I noticed I have to water more often now. So far while humidity is low pants are ok if you keep up with the watering. If too high just have a mini fan and you have no mold issues. :)

    ....although, I'm a newbie so... yeah lol.
  19. "No don't do that. Plants need time to rest also."

    FYI, I have been vegging my plants under 24 hours of continuous light for many years now.


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