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  1. Not quite enough power. Need about 500 watts minimum for a 4x4.
  2. I’m running 640 watts of QB in a 4x4 and honesty feel like it could benefit from more.
  3. Im doing the same, 40w per sqft is about the most you would want for qbs unless you want to add CO2 to your grow and bump up over 1000ppfd. If you arent doing that, any extra light would be a waste or detrimental to the plants themselves (light burn from too much light obviously)

    Conrad's 1480w QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
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  4. Heres the mapping for 4x qb96s powered at 160w each in a 4x4. Almost maxed out and in some areas over the max in ppfd for flowering plants (800ppfd approx). As I said before, add CO2 and then you can add more light safely and not waste it.

    Photo is from the mapping done by @Or_Gro I believe. Screenshot_20190703-010328.jpg

    Conrad's 1480w QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
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  5. you should really check out the HLG alternatives on alibaba fill that tent alot better for less .. fraction of the cost. Same Samsung diodes, with tons of customization options In terms of spectrum! Added cree or epistar reds,as well as IR and UV options. 240watts are around 125usd plus shipping

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  6. I doubt it. Have you measured it with a light meter? Do you have light stress on the top of the plant already? If I maxed my setup it would run close to 1,100 watts but I obviously have to run it dimmed. All the way dimmed I'm still around 600 watts. If I could run more watts I would but that's about all my plant can tolerate at this distance. The more dimmed you run the more efficient the leds run.

    A better approach then stacking the watts IMO is to put more leds then you need in the space and dim them to fit light readings. Then you get superior even coverage and you don't have to sacrifice it even significantly dimmed.

    There is a limit to how much light any plant can take. There's been recent scientific experiments on a mass scale at large legal grows. I've listened to podcasts about them. They compared crops at different light levels and the efficiency of production. They had at the bottom 450umol up to 1200-1400umol at the top intensity gardens. They found that the sweet spot for efficiency of production is 900umol or approx 60,000 lux with most qb leds. Not super high light levels if you're used to measuring them. It's a nice intensity but if you drive it too far you decrease the efficiency of your g/watt production. Though you can get larger buds at higher light levels. There's a point where there is diminishing returns though and that's about 1,000ppfd depending on the plant. After hearing about that I've been sticking to 1,000ppfd or lower or approx 60,000-70,000 lux in the center of the garden. IMG_1188.JPG
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  7. I'm running two 288v2's in 3500k in series on an HLG-320h-c2800a, two qb96v2's in parallel on an HLG-320h-54a, two qb304's in 3500k in series on an HLG-240h-c1050a, and a qb18 on an HLG-40h-24a. The 320h driver do over 360 watts draw at the wall and the 240 is over 260, Add it up.

    I could cook that plant if I wanted to max them all.
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  8. Without getting into wattage as im still learning whats too much v not enough etc. i have the 265xw qb light in a 4x4 and its bright and temps are cool. I added my 600w viperspectra as well just because it seemed like a good idea but what i figured out with the qb light is the 3 plants dont fit under the light that well at about 2 ' from canopy. Gotta be jammed pretty close together. Im planning to add a second qb to my room next grow.
  9. I’ve compared my HLG QBs to some from Alibaba and they were definitely not the same diodes even though they claimed they were.
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    interesting, they have certificates of authenticity from samsung, and produce the exact same output as the HLG ones. im sure not all of the many suppliers on alibaba are created equal either im sure some are shit, but everyone ive talked to who has purchased from one of the more " reputable" companies such as kingbrite has been extremely happy. especially about saving 70 percent of the cost. same samsung lm301b.
  11. that thing is a monster, how long did you veg for ?
  12. I’ve never bought one so I can’t speak on personal experience. But I compared my boards with another member on this forum that argued his alibaba board was legit and cheaper and the same diodes etc.. I believe they are fake. Or at least his were fake. Everything can be counterfeit, including their certificates of authenticity. Posted are a picture of his QB lit up and a picture of my HLG QB lot up. Supposedly the same diodes and quality. Circled are wonky diodes he claimed was just a coincidence.

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  13. Looking into this one now Screenshot_20190703-092900_Chrome.jpg

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  14. Looking into this one now. Screenshot_20190703-092900_Chrome.jpg

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  15. That is some great info. It’s in line with the 60k lux I aim for. After years of tracking and measuring. Do you have a name or link to the podcast? Would love to listen.
  16. That should be some bright shit there. I wonder if two smaller ones might be a better fit though. I wish I could spread my plants out better and they’re autos. At least that’s what I think most times I’m messing with them but I’m a novice.

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  17. ‎Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast: Episode 46: Plant Breeding Using the Power of Genetic Testing with Reggie Gaudino on Apple Podcasts

    Episode 43 has the light level trials with leds along with great info on lollipopping. Some of the first indoor scientific trial on it have proven it very effective as well indoors. Any leaf group getting less then about 300umols is a deficit to the plant's development as anything with that low of light or under will be seriously underdeveloped and take resources from the parts of the plant in good light levels. Light levels that low causes incomplete photosynthesis.
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  18. About 3 months or so. It's a revegged plant from 2 crops ago. When it was harvested the first time it was chopped down to almost nothing though so it had a long ways to come back. It also had a long delay to get back to normal growth of about 6 weeks.
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